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So, we're getting really close to being able to Alpha test this game. So, is there anyone out there who might be willing to help with that?

If so, please send me (and only me, please, we want to keep these all in once place) a PM letting me know you are interested.

Now, I need to warn you, we really need to keep this test small, so there is a chance that if you send me a PM, that you won't get into the test. If this is the case, please understand, it's not personal. Also, we want to move on this pretty quickly, so please only apply if you think you will have time to test this at least for an hour or so this week (potentially, it might be next week).

Anyway, don't worry if you've never tested anything for us before, or if you are an old hat around here. I'll be looking for both types of testers, ideally, so please, if you're interested, let me know!

Thanks a bunch!


I've gotten close to 30 responses to this. Unfortunately, Chris and I got together today and realize that there are just a few too many things that need fixing yet before we can release this in alpha. Stay tuned for more info! :)

Mainly we did some visual improvements like the new lighting model and some important performance-enhancing compositing work for lower-end graphics cards (man this thing FLIES now), and those things resulted in some bugs that have to be ironed out.  Better for us to do that before we get even alpha folks on this, so we get useful feedback about problems we're not already aware of. :)

Hang in there Chris and Company, I feel real bad about what is happening with AVWW 1 & 2, but just wanted to say keep hanging in there! Sometimes the internet makes me soooo mad!! :(
But you know, i got no control over that!  :( Anyway, keep making games, big ones when you can afford to, medium and small ones when you have to, and all kinds of games... (though i wonder to myself if strategy isn't Arcen's strong suit, but i don't want to tell you what is your strong suit. Maybe your strong suit is games you care about that click like you said AIWar clicked when you made it, but not necessarily, you know 'just' AIWar kind of games. Anyway, I'm talking to much, but just wanted to say i support you guys and feel bad for you and hope like heck that things turn around real quick and everyone can get beyond this into some better times, you know? 

Anyway, really looking forward to this when you think its ready!

I think that the portion of your fanbase that hangs around the forums is understanding enough to forgive you. So no rage this time. ;)

--- Quote from: Teal_Blue on February 22, 2013, 04:27:51 pm ---Sometimes the internet makes me soooo mad!! :(
But you know, i got no control over that!  :(

--- End quote ---
I would like to meet someone who does have control over that. It would be very interesting I think.


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