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Like in fb First let me congrats you for your great games! I have Ai War long time ago and I love it but now I have buyed the indie royale bundle and I'm happy :D. I just need a quick solution for my problem, well I have an very old monitor that supports 1280x768 (Max) and a newer video board that supports way too much, when I start Shatter Heaven It goes the hell up in resolution, so my monitor can´t handle it, where I can change the resolutions in the games files? because I obiously can´t do in game

Cheers -- that's a very strange issue, not sure why it would go way up unless you're copying the settings files between computers?  Which is fine if you do, that's a great way to play on multiple computers; but I'm hoping it's not some other sort of strange bug is my point.

Anyway, if you go into the game install folder, and then go into the RuntimeData subfolder, there is a settings.dat file.  You can open that up in notepad or any other text editor, and there are some lines in there with the specific entries.  Note that there are different sizes you can set for both windowed and fullscreen resolution, so make sure you hit both just in case.

Hope that helps, and thanks for the kind words!

Hello! I only have one pc I have download it direct from steam, I don´t see any settings files inside the runtimedata folder, and I have activated to see hide objects, this is why i posted this on forum, because If i see it I will change it and not bother you guys

Hi there, here is a settings file that will set it to 1280x768.  If you load this into the game folder under RuntimeData, then rename it to settings instead of settingsTest, you should be all set!  If it's still wonky, then probably it's a graphics card driver or a messed up install from Steam (you can check the latter by just verifying the local files in the steam properties for the game).

Hope that helps!

Now it works,  it don't even ask me to overwrite (because like I said before there was no settings file) ¨¨technology¨¨ right? well anyway thx a lot and sorry for bother


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