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humble bundle version: executable deletes itself


I thought I saw a thread on steam saying this had been resolved, but the version I install from the humble bundle deletes itself when I run it (same with the updater exe). Am I doing something wrong?

Hi there,

I'm not familiar with this issue at all, actually -- there's no way for a game to delete itself, because the an executable is locked while it is running.  If something is deleting the executable, it's either Steam (unlikely, I've not heard of that), or some sort of third-party antivirus or something.  I'm really a bit at a loss, but I can assure you there's no way for the game itself to delete itself (otherwise, we could do automatic updates much easier, for instance).

Hopefully the thought about the antivirus helps, at least!

Derp, you're right about the anti-virus issue. Malware Bytes (with latest database) is detecting both executables as 'Rogue.Spy.Heal'...

(C:\Program Files (x86)\SH\ShatteredHaven.exe (Rogue.Spy.Heal) -> No action taken.)

I can disable file system protection and run the game, and I know there's nothing shady in there, but it's a smidge disturbing.

Thanks for the quick response!

My pleasure, and thanks for the confirmation on both what it was and how you resolved it -- that should help someone else, I'm sure!

We've had occasional issues with this sort of thing in the past over the past four years, such as Kaspersky 2011 detecting AI War as a virus I believe.  But they then manually checked things, found everything fine, and fixed their algorithms.  Presumably same sort of thing here. 

That's kind of the trouble with automated algorithms for detecting malware, but then again you'd rather it detect too much than too little!


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