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Hello! I hope I'm posting in the proper place. I have an issue: I bought the game on GOG, and though it includes a software called "Universal updater", it actually installs the version. I've encountered a number of bugs that were solved in later patches (and some I'm not sure have been addressed), so it's not just a matter of the file name being wrong. Is there somewhere I can download the latest patch from without having to buy the game again from another page?


You definitely don't need to buy it again!  In the game itself, there is a "new updates available" button that shows under the big Play button.  That's our updater, and when you run that it will update you to the latest version.

Hope that helps!

Oh, oops.  :P I had missed it completely, but I'm up to speed now. Thanks a lot! It's really nice that you pay so much attention to the players' problems. Also, Shattered Haven is awesome and now I can keep playing without annoying bugs. Woot!

My pleasure! And thanks very much for he kind words. :)


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