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Game isn't starting on steam.

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I buy all Arcen products as soon as they come out, so I came home for lunch and got this, but it isn't starting up unfortunately because of a missing executable problem. I did all the things steam told me to do if I have this problem and it didn't help, and I also verified the cache and that didn't help, so I imagine it might be a problem on Steam's end. Just giving you guys the heads up in hopes that I can perhaps play this after work =D. Congrats on another release though!

Sorry to hear about the troubles.  Are you on Mac or Windows?

Thanks for the report -- please give it another try now, Valve says it should be working.  Thanks!

I can confirm that it does work after restarting the Steam client = ).

Aha, yep, it started downloading the stuff after I restarted Steam. Works now, thanks guys!


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