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AI War II- After Action Reports / Re: Command Theater
« Last post by Pireciter on December 14, 2020, 10:14:51 pm »
Day 131, 0800 Local
Hopcroft Command
Low Orbit, Hopcroft System

“Get some fire onto those frigates Tactical. With the minefields down, only the tractor fields are holding the swarm.”
“Sir, more AI ships are coming through Ousterhout.”
“Tell me when you have some good news Sensors. Comms, get Command on the horn. We are going to need some reinforcements if we don’t want to lose this power generator.”

0824 Local

Orestes and Aegis are enroute. The rest of the fleet is bogged down elsewhere. The AI is hitting us hard all over.”
“They better get here fast Command. The extra ships we had have all been wrecked and several system turrets are down.”
“Hold the line. We can’t lose that generator.”

Day 132, 0400 Local
Strike Group Orestes
Hopcroft Wormhole, Mote System

“Jumping in three….two…one…zero!” The star field gave way to the almost tunnel-like look of the wormhole. Just as quickly as the bridge crew was getting used to the new view, the stars snapped back into focus. What stars could be seen…as they had emerged onto a battlefield.
“Tactical, get our units out there. Sensors give me a full system sweep.”
“Working on it...sir, the shields are being pressed hard, but the station is still intact.”
“The generator?”
“Good, let’s show the AI out.”

Day 133, 0400 Local
Home Fleet Command
Low Orbit, Rhodia Prime

“Roger that Hopcroft. How are repairs progressing?”
“Smoothly so far, we should be back online within a day or two. Those Zenith ships are taking the longest.”
“Very well. Keep me informed. Command out.”
As the holo-transmission flickered off, he rubbed his temples again to try and soothe his renewed headache. The AI hit them hard this time. More so than anything they had seen before. Multiple systems had been hit hard, and if the AI had pushed a little more things could have turned out a lot different.
Signaling the computer with an arm motion, he summoned a galaxy view where his subordinate just was. It appeared that with a few exceptions, the attacks had petered out. Cupping his chin, he reflected on the new ships they had picked up as well as the matter convertor. He needed to issue orders for the fleet reorganization today. They had their resource production and supplies secured, but now they were lacking in firepower. Most of the rim systems were heavily fortified and whittling them down would take a long time. He pondered again about CHRONOS…maybe it was finally time to execute. It would fall quick, but did they have enough to make it worth it. This war was still far from over.

Fleet Status:
Strike Group Orestes –
52x Velociraptor Mk.I
156x Dagger Mk.III
208x Turbo Stingray Mk.I
42x Sniper Mk.I
42x Spider Mk.I
5x Raid Frigate Mk.III

Strike Group Termagant -
101x Space Plane Mk.III
48x Inhibiting Tesla Corvette Mk.II
13x Zapper Mk.II

Striker Group Menelaus –
42x Harasser Mk.II
45x Grenade Launcher Corvette Mk.II
24x Vanguard Mk.I
1x Devastator Frigate Mk.I

Strike Group Bellerophon –
8x Vanguard Mk.I
2x Tritium Sniper Frigate Mk.I
2x Assault Frigate Mk.I

Tech Updates:
Engineering II

Strategic Theatres – Choose 1
A: Operation SWITCHBACK – Another Zenith Power Generator has been spotted. Scouting intel says it may be the wrong direction from the AI homeworld, but it could still be worth it. Circled in GREEN
B: Operation REDEEMER – The Dyson sphere has been spotted. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Get the science from there and liberate it. Circled in YELLOW.
C: Operation ENDURING SHIELD – Containment and upgrades are the focus here. 2 Data Centers are out there, multiple distribution nodes, and a lot of research stations. No new planets, but a round of improvements. DCs circled in RED

Side note: I know...only 3 minutes game time this update. Real Life > Games these past couple of weeks.'s the "fluff" been? Anything you all would like to see more/less of?
AI War II - Modding / Re: AI Shield Generators [Updated 14/12/20]
« Last post by cml on December 14, 2020, 02:04:54 pm »
Another update has been released, please see the first post for details.
If you have the old version, you will need to remove it before using this.
AI War II / Re: A question after first campaing on easy escenario with marauders
« Last post by Draco18s on December 14, 2020, 10:15:14 am »
There's also some flex, if the AI decides not to send a standard wave (because the target is too well defended), it can bank those points for the next one. There's a limit on how much it can do that (I think if it skips it has to send the next one), but that could be part of it too.

There's a lot of analysis going on under the hood that makes the AI a dynamic challenge. Its all generally considered fair, up to about difficulty 8 (at which point the gloves start coming off).
AI War II / Re: A question after first campaing on easy escenario with marauders
« Last post by tadrinth on December 13, 2020, 10:49:10 pm »
Yeah, friendly marauders can expand VERY aggressively once they get going.

The variance in wave sizes was probably due to the marauders, yeah.  If you play by yourself, you should see a lot less variation in wave sizes.  They should pretty much go up and down with AIP.

The other possibility is that the AI decided to send a reconquest wave against a planet, if it noticed that you'd just taken a system and hadn't built turrets yet.  The AI sub-faction that tries to re-conquer your planets gets its own budget, and will sometimes launch much smaller waves if you have an undefended planet that it thinks it can take back.
AI War II - Gameplay Ideas / Ingame Wiki
« Last post by TelcontarVI on December 13, 2020, 03:23:19 pm »
Hi i would like an ingame wiki to consult all the info of ships and structures. Being in game it doesn't have the risk to be outdated, It could also serve to see the unit graphic design, as is not common to zooming in during the game

Also it could function like the pokedex for pokemon games, showing only the units you have found/encountered. It could encourage the people to enable unusual factions only to complete the collection. Designing a unit especific for each AI type could be another form to encourage the player to try differents escenarios.
AI War II - Interface / Re: After the first campaing,a few suggestions
« Last post by BadgerBadger on December 11, 2020, 06:40:46 pm »
The Swap Ship Lines screen is getting an overhaul in the next patch. It should hopefully be more usable now.
AI War II / A question after first campaing on easy escenario with marauders
« Last post by TelcontarVI on December 11, 2020, 04:31:56 pm »
Hi I'm a casual player of AI War 1 (never beaten a 7/7 game) So i tried the most easy game suggested in AI War 2: Single AI 3 with friendly marauders.

I'm a low AIP player, barelly surpassing 100 after capturing a golem, and reducing it to 80 after, but the scale of the waves varied a LOT in the game. There were late game waves of 2 strenght, and there were waves of 200 strenght. Why that differente? Maybe the work of the overexcited Marauders wich almost conquer the entire galaxy?

They have few planets of their own, but they were extended everywhere, even killing a few AI command stations (which not raised my AIP, but builmy base in those planets still cost +20 in AIP)

They even detroy the AI Homeworld!!! (i flattened their  path) It was a total surprise to me what happens after, but i succeded so i won the campaing. But i miss the opportunity to learn how to attack the Homeworld, allway the most dangerous time in AI War 1
AI War II - Interface / After the first campaing,a few suggestions
« Last post by TelcontarVI on December 11, 2020, 04:18:31 pm »
Hi, i have completed my first complete campaing (first easy escenario) on AI War 2. I like a lot, even more tha AI War 1. but a have a few suggestions to improve the interface

- Colored ship ranges: Could the ranges have the color of the faction?
- Group orders on the bottom right: They light on allways when the mouse is over, so i never i'm sure if a mode it's selected or not  until i move the mouse appart
- I had stacked more than 20000 science and the number didn't fit. I have a 1680x1050 resolution. Here is a screenshot
- I know that this is hard, but i would love a better fleet swap management screen. I imagine the actual screen but with a seletor to which fleet i want to donate the ships, the button to swap for eache ship line and maybe a button to "reverse" (change the screen to the other fleet and autoselect the first fleet as the receiver of the ships)
    - I dont understand why the ships have to be undeployed to not lost them if the two fleets are in the same planet
- Is there any way to stop/pause the construccion of a Golem? They cost a lot of metal. In AI War 1 you could pause this big projects

In any way: Awesome game. My first impresion from a year or two was that it was going to be worse from the first. But after this camping i think the opposite. You have surppased yourself, congratulations.
AI War II- After Action Reports / Re: Command Theater
« Last post by Pireciter on December 09, 2020, 08:45:38 pm »
----Operation OVERLOAD selected----

Day 85, 1200 Local
Strike Group Termagant
Low Orbit, Rhodia Prime

“Ah, come in please. Sit. Coffee?”
“No thank you ma’am.”
“Do you know why I’ve called you in here?”
“No ma’am.”
She interlaced her fingers and leaned back in her seat. “You have been privy to operational data and have had time to analyze it. I would like to hear your opinion on something. I’m assuming you have seen the objectives for OVERLOAD?”
“Yes, and it seems sound. The convertor would greatly enhance our production capabilities.”
“Did you also happen to see what else was enroute? Specifically these.” Opening a folder, she withdrew the scouting report for Nordin and handed it over.
Taking the report and reading it quickly, he spotted what his commander also did. “You think this will also boost the chances of command going for that other communications node next door.”
“That’s correct. CHRONOS has been sitting on the planning books for a long time. I’m going to push for another look at it.”
“I take it you want me to refine and update the existing battleplan? It has not been updated with our force additions nor includes the possible spoils from OVERLOAD.”
“Do so. I depart for command in two days. OVERLOAD will launch at that time. I want something to present then.”
“Understood ma’am.” He stood up and saluted. “I’ll have the revisions on your desk this time tomorrow.”
She returned the salute. “Dismissed.”

Day 88, 2200 Local
Strike Group Orestes
System Rim, Lynch System

“Send a message to Home Command: ‘Phase 1 complete. Securing assets and beginning Phase 2. Will report when enroute.’”
“Channel open. Message sent sir.”
“Very well. Contact Termagant. Our new ship needs a name.”

Day 109, 0024 Local
Strike Group Menelaus
System Rim, Nordin System

“Brace for impact!”
Trial by fire indeed he thought as the next salvo ripped into his ship’s hull. “Damage report!”
“That last shot took out the foundry controls. Our production is dead in the water.”
“Sir!” His Comms officer had to yell to be heard over the din of alarms. “Message from Orestes. Pull back to rally point Alpha. Repair and prepare for AI counter attack.”
“Helm, plot me a course back to Lynch. See if you can get some readings on what’s coming.”
“Yes sir.”

Day 120, 0048 Local
Home Fleet Command
Low Orbit, Rhodia Prime

He raised a hand to cover a yawn. “Alright, I’m here. What’s the flap?”
“Sir. The AI warp grid is spiking, but not in a way we have seen before.” He pointed to his screen showing the status of the grid. “It’s all over instead of focused on a single wormhole.”
He cupped his chin and narrowed his eyes in thought. “Estimates on when things are going to peek?”
“If the rate stays constant, I’d say 9-10 days or so. And then, I don’t know.”
“We can only assume the AI will be attacking enmasse at that time. Send a FLASH dispatch to Orestes. We either need results from OVERLOAD quickly or we need to pull back for now. We are behind schedule as it is already.”
“Yes sir.”
“On another note, have the scouting reports come back on the AI fleet movements?”
“Not yet. Last dispatch showed a moderate group moving toward Brore, but nothing farther.”
“Very well. Keep me informed.”

Day 121, 0136 Local
Strike Group Menelaus
System Rim, Nordin System

“Clean up the stragglers, we need to get defenses up ASAP.”
“Engineers are already working. We have full metal stocks so things will go up quickly.”
“Good. Orestes and Termagant are already heading back to the rear. This is our bailiwick now.”

Day 124, 0536 Local
Citadel Aegis
Low Orbit, Mote System

“That’s affirmative command. The AI is advancing in force. We will slow them down, but we will need some help here.”
“Hold the line Aegis. The fleet is moving to cut them off. You are the anvil, they are the hammer.”

1312 Local

Another explosion was heard through the hull. “Damnit. The AI just keeps coming. Where the hell are the reinforcements?”
“Sir, FLASH traffic from Orestes. They have cut off the AI’s retreat in Vap and are advancing this way. They say hold for just a little longer.”
“Just in the nick of time…”

Day 130, 0048 Local
Strike Group Orestes
Low Orbit, Mote System

“Confirmed. That’s the last of them.”
“Run one more sensor sweep. Let’s make sure all the stragglers are gone.”
He waited while the crewman pulled in the data. “Scope is clear sir. All I have are friendlies on scan.”
“Comms. Open a channel to home command. Let them know things are clear and we are moving out.”
“Yes sir.”
“Hold on.” The sensor operator waved his hand to get his commander’s attention. “Got a new blip on scope.”
“Can you identify?”
“Seems to be a small group of AI. Nothing else on scre…wait, there’s another. And another.”
“Where are they coming from Sensors?”
“I don’t know sir, they just keep showing up on my screens. This is unlike any attack that we have seen so far.”
“Send your readings to my display.” He waited a minute for the screen to update, then he had to control his emotions. The AI were everywhere, and continuing to appear at the ranges of the planetary sensors.”
“Comms, have you sent that message yet?”
“No sir.”
“Revise it: ‘Massive AI attack underway across multiple systems. Moving to intercept.”

To be continued...

Side note: Sorry for the cliffhanger. Writing all this takes a while
AI War II- After Action Reports / Re: Command Theater
« Last post by Pireciter on December 08, 2020, 09:37:50 pm »
Sorry folks. Little delayed on this update. Decided to make a larger post when the first CPA launched. I'll have something tomorrow.
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