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Yep, there's also "build 5 on this planet, 5 on that planet."  Versus trying to get some on each one just split by luck.
Building a Sentry Starship to go with your fleet. You only need one - and they're energy intensive.

Additionally, in Classic, you could queue up multiple of the same ship in a repeating queue, so it'd go, in a loop:

Fighter Bomber Bomber Bomber Missile Frigate - Fighter Bomber Bomber Bomber Missile Frigate

Since there are more Bombers in each loop, it prioritises those. Of course, you can set a dock to build just those, but then it won't contribute to any other ship. Using that, if it has to build all three, it'll get the Bombers out first, while still contributing to the others.

It's...not something I recall using intentionally, but something I have memory of seeing in action when I caused it by accident. I did go on and confirm this is a thing.
I'm confused as to what this actually is looking for. Can you give me a scenario where you would want this?
What do folks think about this topic?

Eric and Badger, I can't remember what we discussed, if anything, with it.
AI War II / Re: Do AI Planets Still Go "Alert"?
« Last post by x4000 on Today at 04:38:03 PM »
A looooong time ago, in AIWC, the budget was a certain severity based on the AIP, but it would happen in a certain number of "spending events" that was based on the number of non-AI planets that existed, and it would try to spend only on alerted planets unless it had hit its strength cap on those, and then flow over to elsewhere.

But things progressed a long way from there, and AIW2 has always done it differently.  I think AIWC does it differently now, too.
AI War II / Re: Do AI Planets Still Go "Alert"?
« Last post by etheric42 on Today at 04:01:20 PM »
Does anyone think it would be useful to see what AI planets are on "alert" on the galaxy map?

If it sounds useful but also TMI, maybe gate it behind a tech or a certain building?
AI War II / Re: Do AI Planets Still Go "Alert"?
« Last post by BadgerBadger on Today at 03:56:03 PM »
No, reinforcements are only based on player AIP. You are the star of this game, after all.
AI War II / Re: Do AI Planets Still Go "Alert"?
« Last post by tadrinth on Today at 03:35:14 PM »
I'm assuming reinforcements are based on total AIP generated by all hostile-to-AI factions? 

I don't think the budget went up in AIWC based on number of planets alerted.  I don't think that would make much sense.

The AI did get more reinforcements for each guard post it had in the system, which made it worth neutering any planets that were going to be alerted long term.  I think this functioned as a multiplier to any budget spent in that system, something like +10% per guard post.

AIWC also had a small chance to reinforce the AI Homeworld and the adjacent Core Worlds on each reinforcement cycle. 

AIWC capped the reinforcement budget at whatever it was at AIP 200, and any excess went to the strategic reserve (is that still a thing?), the next wave, and the next CPA.  That way high AIP wouldn't stonewall you, but instead would try to kill you with massive waves and boosted CPAs. 

My last victory wad before transports had attrition.  :P

The AI homeworlds have gotten stronger and player units weaker since then.
AI War II / Re: Do AI Planets Still Go "Alert"?
« Last post by Draco18s on Today at 01:08:37 PM »
Also also, AIP is per faction. Players have a progress, each minor faction has its own progress, etc.

That was the microphage and nanocaust can press the AI off without the player being the one taking all the attacks.
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