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AI War II - Modding / Re: The Nanocaust
« Last post by BadgerBadger on Yesterday at 11:39:31 PM »
For your testing pleasure, I give you.... The Nanocaust!

I'm uploading a tarball with 7 xml files and one .cs file, which contains the faction in a currently working and running state. The forum only allows four attachments at a time, hence the requirement for a tarball (On windows, I think WinZip or 7zip should handle a tarball). I applied these files to a build of .502 and it seemed to work fine.

The xml files are named to let you know which directory in the XML code to put it in AIWar2/GameData/Configuration/<correct directory based on xml file name>.

The Nanocaust.cs file should go in AIWarExternalCode/src/SpecialFactions, then you will need to recompile the external code.

Fair warning, the Nanocaust probably won't interfere with the first hour or two of gameplay at the moment. So if you just turn it on and play without cheats or map reveal, you may not even realize it is there. But you'll find out eventually ;-)
AI War II / Re: AI War 2 - Programming - Alpha 0.503 (Video)
« Last post by BadgerBadger on Yesterday at 09:02:33 PM »
I had a suspicion there wasn't a good way to do the Save + Quit without access to the internal code. Thanks for all those features! I look forward to getting to use them for mischief....

Also, I didn't even notice the background noise in either video, so no complaints from me!
AI War II / Re: AI War 2 - Programming - Alpha 0.503 (Video)
« Last post by Wanderer on Yesterday at 05:40:31 PM »
Didn't get a chance to watch all of it, but the first 15 minutes definitely sounds better.  Still a machine hum, but it's not as distracting as it was.  Otherwise, interesting to look under the hood of the game code, thanks!
AI War II - Modding / Re: The Nanocaust
« Last post by keith.lamothe on Yesterday at 05:18:32 PM »
Sounds great to me :)
AI War II - Modding / Re: The Nanocaust
« Last post by BadgerBadger on Yesterday at 04:52:53 PM »
So the current behaviour is as follows.

A single nanobot constructor is seeded randomly onto the map when you enable the special faction. A  Constructor produces drone ships like the Dyson Sphere, and once a constructor has been on the map for "long enough" it will upgrade into a more powerful form that produces stronger ships.

Every "short time interval", a constructor will send a few ships to attack a randomly chosen adjacent non-Nanobot world (if all the adjoining worlds are controlled by Nanobots, the ships on a planet just chill).

Every "longer time interval", the Nanobots will frenzy. Some ships are taken from each nanobot planet and they all go to attack a nearby planet. If they destroy the human or AI defenses, a new Constructor will be built and the controller will be destroyed (so the AI knows to try to recapture it).

There are a number of cool enhancements that can be made (periodic "Kill the King" frenzies that just bum rush either the AI master controller or the Ark. Making the Nanocaust hackable. Having a mini-frenzy whenever a constructor is destroyed. Adding some additional Scary nanobot ships), but I wanted to sound people (cough Keith cough) as to what they think of this as a basic approach/whether this idea sounds good to them anyway.
AI War II / AI War 2 - Programming - Alpha 0.503 (Video)
« Last post by keith.lamothe on Yesterday at 01:59:11 PM »
Just put up a new one:

The modding tutorial on xml/code (tool links, etc) is still pending, but this contains a lot of info on modding itself, as many of the changes I'm making are functionally mods.

I hope you enjoy it :)
Starward Rogue Mods & Modding / Re: More mechs
« Last post by Logorouge on Yesterday at 11:57:58 AM »
In preparation for the next Starward Rogue update and thanks to Ethervil's feedback during his LP, I updated Rex to v1.5!
The mech might have been missile-themed before, but his perk selection wasn't. So that problem was rectified.

As usual, the mech pack was also updated and the files are available at the beginning of the thread. Hope you enjoy.
Private Alpha Discussion / Re: Proposed Save Game Update
« Last post by keith.lamothe on Yesterday at 11:57:18 AM »
Just in for 0.503:

* Added BadgerBadger's "Save and Quit" button to save menu.

Thanks :)

I sorted out the save/quit synchronization thing with a small modification to the core dll.
AI War Classic / Re: Wiki is outdated a bit and i want pointers how to fix it
« Last post by eRe4s3r on Yesterday at 08:18:19 AM »
Nah when I talked about uploading I thought the table is generated dynamically from the actual game data or debug output file of some sort (since the data is something keith or x4000 have) .. I checked the template and yeah, that's not something I am gonna mess around with ever.... since there is no way to sync any of these values easily with the up-to-date data if each unit has own template that needs manual editing.

This problem literally screams for a script.. but it doesn't seem like any of the debug options we have actually gives a proper unit-by-unit statistics output that you could script up and sort somehow...
Okay, I'm going to try to respond on my phone real quick.

To edit the tables you see on the wiki, but can't edit normally, you need to navigate to the table's page directly. For the example you gave, that table's page would be Template:AIWarTableTackleDrone (You can get the name by finding the text in two curly braces {{AIWarTableTackleDrone}}). On that page, you can edit everything.

Note that templates are very complicated for some stuff, so reading Wikipedia's guides on templates may be helpful.

You should be able to upload images and all that without a problem. I can look into why that isnt working soon.
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