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Off Topic / Re: Early Access, gift or plague?
« Last post by Draco18s on Today at 03:45:31 PM »
Problem is, the things are even as player a pain in the neck.

Off Topic / Re: Early Access, gift or plague?
« Last post by TheVampire100 on Today at 11:02:16 AM »
Ah, I think you mean the Bobble Head, right? Yeah, I kinda forgot this one and yeah, it's the most annoying one.
I think lightning tower can hit it but there aren't many towers that can, mostly because towers don't target the weak point. Some enemies are thought anyway to be fought by the player, they are designed to get past your defenses to keep the player at alert and don't afk the whole time. Problem is, the things are even as player a pain in the neck.

I just checked before sending this post, Drone towers ignore armor, even perfect armor (that makes you invulnerable), so they can kill them.
A level 1 drone tower does 200 dps and a bobble head has 3000 hp, they move kinda slow and a drone tower can kill them in 15 seconds, faster, if they are supported by more drone towers, support towers or are upgraded.
An interestign fact is, that one drone does exact the damage (3000) a bobble head has as HP before it expires, prett obvious what they were meant to counter.
Off Topic / Re: Net Neutrality
« Last post by TheVampire100 on Today at 10:49:39 AM »
That's exactly what he does, he is kinda bipolar on this front. On one side he wants his "fellow Americans" to wake up and participate on voting to keep something like Trump out (because that would've worked, right? Yeah, no, not really...).
On the other side he does not want to see other opinions that aren't his own, so pretty much he himself closes his eyes for that kidn of thing.

Because of this reason alone I cannot take anything he ever says seriously.

Besides that, voting on that topic is like... useless. If not this politician woudl do it, another woudl do it. The whole lovably political/voting system is so old fasioned and out to daze that I wonder why no one stands up and says what has to be said. This system isn't functional with the new era anymore. And how can people int he slightest believe it would?
Most stuff was designed back when new technology, new social ideas and other new stuff wasn't even developed. Humanity has "evolved" farther, political systems not.
No, don't ask me how we shoudl change it because I have no goddamn clue but THSI is not how it should be, that's clear. There is a reason why more and more people loose interest in it and it's not beause Facebook is more interesting. It's simpl because the political system does not work in their interest anymore.
Off Topic / Re: Net Neutrality
« Last post by WolfWhiteFire on Today at 10:08:07 AM »
Actually Misery, I don't think he can even see a single post you have made, I am pretty sure that during that Trump discussion that started up a while back and that you eventually locked he said that he blocked you, and then there was a discussion a bit later where it was mentioned and he said it should be unlocked even though it devolved into a flamefest like I predicted closer to the beginning. So the reason he is ignoring what you are saying is because he isn't seeing what you are saying.
AI War Classic / Re: New player questions
« Last post by Worblehat on Today at 02:31:15 AM »
One more question (so far): what is the value of Lightning Starships? I'm finding them underwhelming. They seem to lightly sandpaper AI fleet ships in large numbers - except missile frigates because they're immune to area damage. This seems mildly useful in big fleetball vs. fleetball engagements and not particularly helpful in set piece wave defenses (not that the turrets need the help lately) or supporting the champion or small detachments on clear-out-the-threat-fleet excursions. The knowledge cost to get mk2 and mk3 versions is substantially higher than other starships so I expected they'd be more useful. Is there something I'm missing here?

Looks like I'm well into the middlegame at this point - map is basically fully explored (I know exactly which systems are the homeworlds, but haven't sent a scout in to either, or to one of the core worlds). Two nebulae are off of core worlds, so I guess I won't be doing those! And the fourth coprocessor is also on a core world - hopefully a fast hit and run to take it out won't have the core and home worlds Alerted long enough to cause too much of a problem.
Off Topic / Re: Net Neutrality
« Last post by Misery on Today at 01:19:31 AM »
Let's NOT get back into that voting argument.  I mean it.

It wont end well, it never does, so I'm going to encourage everyone to just... not go there, despite his comments.

I *will* lock this topic if this even so much as looks like it might go bad again.  And a comment like that one is already pushing it.

Ugh, I hate having to say stuff like that.  I'm really glad that this forum overall is generally as peaceful as it is.
Off Topic / Re: Early Access, gift or plague?
« Last post by Draco18s on Today at 01:04:11 AM »
Sanctum 1 or 2?
I know there are some in Sanctum 2 but I cannot think about one in 1.

Could have sworn the eye-stalk testicle monsters were in both.
(And I'm not counting bosses that wreck house, those are fine)
Off Topic / Re: Early Access, gift or plague?
« Last post by TheVampire100 on Today at 12:26:52 AM »
Sanctum 1 or 2?
I know there are some in Sanctum 2 but I cannot think about one in 1.
Off Topic / Re: Net Neutrality
« Last post by Cyborg on Today at 12:23:58 AM »
I thought my statement was generic enough. I didn't put your name on it. Although I'm sure there are people here to whom it applies. I make no apologies for it but neither will I get specific. It will just turn into the other thread, to which there's no need because we already had that thread.

No I recognize you weren't addressing me specifically, but my comment could have come from anyone.
Here is on the internet.
Politics involving the internet are relevant to here because of that.
Other topics, less so.

This is the off-topic forum.

I think the honest way of saying it is that, net neutrality political discussion is okay because it won't be controversial. We will all be on the same side, so nobody is going to be asking for a moderator.

Back on topic, let's look at other countries where net neutrality at the corporate level is actually the same as at the political level. A country like China has government-sponsored entities that control online communication.
The way we want to do it, is have corporate sponsored entities- politicians, our Supreme Court, and lobbying companies fall under that category- control online communication.

How do we fix it? By voting. I did a quick Google, 126 million people voted in the US. 190 million people use Facebook in the US. Draw your own conclusions, but here's mine:

Basically, unless governance is able to tap into the inherent narcissism of the average American digital citizen, we are likely to see the complete sale of the Internet to corporate America. Bought and sold.

How do you "Like" that?  ::) Hey, but at least we can know what our neighbor's dog looks like!

Off Topic / Re: Early Access, gift or plague?
« Last post by Draco18s on Yesterday at 09:54:31 PM »
That said, I dislike sanctum for one, very specific reason.

There are enemies that towers cannot in any way hurt and these enemies will eventually out-pace the player in terms of strength (due to limited gun upgrades).
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