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Some feedback info on current game version (first Era of Discovery update)


"Questions for testers (now that we're breaking everything):
How is ship damage in general? How about health?
Do tractor beams work?
Does cloaking work? And tachyon beams?
Does engine damage and repair seem to work?
Does paralysis work?
Can command stations be upgraded?
Does the Human Home Command Core work? (Does it get created and then does it work?)
Does the AI Overlord Phase 2 spawn after the AI Overlord is destroyed, and does this keep the game going until it dies?"

Can answer these, first.

"How is ship damage in general? How about health?"

Damage is extremely high, with many units able to kill most others in a single shot. Best units I've found are the long range ones, especially Concussion Corvettes, who get their really high multiplier on almost everything so far (120mm hull I've only seen on Dark Spire). V-Wings have been completely useless, since they and their speed debuff targets die really quickly. So far I've had to have Mobile Docks following me, constantly rebuilding the fleet as it's kind of like Galactic Instagib Team Deathmatch. As possibly seen in the modding bit of the forum, I've gave the Wormhole Sentinels nerf guns, as even they were grabbing their shock rifles and booting up Unreal Tournament to get in on it!

"Do tractor beams work?"

Yes. Both turrets and units. Though might I add the Tractor Guardian actually says 0 in both target albedo and engines? It reads as if it should be unable to ever target anything, but it works.

"Does cloaking work? And tachyon beams?"

Yes to both. Cloaking seems worth more compared to Classic, being more of a Starcraft style. The unit I've had so far with Cloaking, Autocannon Minipods have been a bit disappointing though.

"Does engine damage and repair seem to work?"

Sadly I can't actually tell if these work, because everything dies in one hit. V-Wings speed debuff does work, whenever it pops up.

"Does paralysis work?"

Haven't seen it so far, but I imagine it'd have the same issue as above.

"Can command stations be upgraded?"

Yes, the current method of just click and it's done is very, very nice.

"Does the Human Home Command Core work? (Does it get created and then does it work?)"

I believe this was already mentioned to work, but the game says you lose when the Core is created.

"Does the AI Overlord Phase 2 spawn after the AI Overlord is destroyed, and does this keep the game going until it dies?""

Yes, it spawns. From tutorial anyway. Game seems to continue, but there's no indication of it ending when the Phase 2 is destroyed either. No music, no victory text, nada.

- - -

So far, it seems really, really good, but interesting unit interaction, though possible, is very rare due to the damage and health values. The UI and visual changes (no more enormous flak spheres) are huge in making it better in my opinion.

Mercs were...utterly inconsequential but it just seems they're just not very worked on yet, low priority. Instigators haven't encountered other than fleet bases buffing things up, Fleetbase style Warden neither.

As always open to questions on any of it, or specific test requests.

Thank you so much for doing this! :D

For the mercs, right now all we have are some kind of dummied-up options for them.  I'd love to have more creative ships in there, and factions to go with them of course.  We have backers who have those sorts of things as their reward coming up, but I haven't had time to get up with them yet.  If anyone (ahem) wants to play around with adding some various merc ships, I'd be happy to insert them in.


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