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So have y'all switched to more of a weekly release style than a daily? Seeing as it's been a week since the last release. Is that what we expect going forward?

I suspect that was more due to other factors.

Well, I don't think anyone important has caught on fire Wednesday or Thursday. I do realize they have had recent distractions though. Mostly I just want to get to try some of the new code tweaks! And I trust Arcen realizes that my badgering of them is due to appreciation of their work! If they didn't make fun games then I would badger other people.

As a general rule of thumb, I would expect it to periodically fluctuate between weekly and daily.  Sometimes we have some large features that just need some time, or there are other factors.  Or both. :)

I definitely don't take offense at the badgering, by the way.

Overall I'd expect us to average 2-3 releases per week most weeks through June, and then more likely weekly for a while, but it's hard to say with certainty on these sorts of things.  Sometimes there are small extra releases to fix this or that balance, or whatever other thing-that-should-be-pushed-fast thing.

This has just been an all around challenging week.  My grandfather took another turn for the worse on Wednesday night after having a comparably good day, and so there's a whole other new area of stress there.  Among continual struggles for some of the other staff relating to recent events.  It's just been a bad, bad week.

Hopefully next week is better. :)  But anyhow, I think you'll be pleased with today's release, later on.


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