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I'm going to skip over things I know other folks have pointed out, though I haven't read every last post.

[*]Panning with the mouse when zoomed in is super sensitive.  Panning when zoomed out is super slow.  Bleh. (Video - you can see how little my mouse moves when zoomed in and how the map twitches about).
[*]Panning has some LERP applied and honestly I'd rather not.
[*]I'd like the option to zoom in close and still be pointed top-down.  Going side-on makes it hard to get in next to a structure or unit and look to see it's glorious 3D model.  See aforementioned panning issues.
[*]Capturing planets is super awkward.  I'd like this button to be on-screen in planet view as well.  The button is also oddly labeled.  "Try To Capture Planet: Off"
[*]Unable to view (while zoomed out) who controls what planet.
[*]Tooltip-info hovering on units/structure text is ridiculously tiny. I get that it's both placeholder and early, but gosh damn, I'm only 30 and I have to squint at it.  Makes it very difficult to get a bead on moving units.
[*]Building structures is weird. I'm still not sure what it is I have to have selected in order to place turrets, but having no sort of preview of where they're ending up makes it feel like the button is broken (clicking DOES place one, but there's no hint that that's what a click will do) including range (if even relevant!).
[*]Music is awesome.
[*]I own this planet, I can't tell.  Or actually, I didn't, but looking at the planet itself I still saw my own controller.  Wasn't until after I took the screenshot, uploaded it to dropbox, wrote this note, and then checked the planet did I see the AI's controller.
[*]Does not appear to be possible to claim a planet without the Ark.


--- Quote ---Does not appear to be possible to claim a planet without the Ark.

--- End quote ---

That might be intentional. I think at some point we're supposed to get more than one (or mini ones or something).

I'd like to know as well.

There are actually derelict flagships in the game now that you can repair and use as basically mini-arks. I need to expand the quick-start documentation to mention stuff like that, just been focused on fixing bugs for the first update.

Yeah, that's going to kind of be important.


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