Author Topic: Improving feedback for selected/critical ships  (Read 1844 times)

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Improving feedback for selected/critical ships
« on: May 10, 2017, 01:31:29 PM »
This post stems from a discussion about a Mantis bug (0019080) with Chris. My issue is that right now there's really inadequate feedback about critical ships or selected ships. For selected ships, I opened 0019100, and would appreciate feedback there if anyone has it.

For critical ships, I think it would make sense to make sure Flagships on a planet have their own line on the sidebar (this might already be happening, but I can't tell since sidebars on linux are broken due to a known bug).

I also think it would make sense to always have the Ark appear in the sidebar, with a notation for "What planet am I on" and "Whether I am in combar" (maybe it starts flashing red, or the border starts flashing red if it is in combat and my screen isn't on the planet? We don't have sound yet, but a voice saying "Your ark has entered combat" might be good too ).

To further improve things, what if clicking the Ark icon immediately takes you to the planet with the ark.


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