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I can't find the music

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The very first thing I do after installing any new Arcen game is rummage around in the filesystem for the latest batch of Pablo Vega musical awesomeness. The third or fourth thing I do after installing the game is usually adding the musical awesomeness to my "tracks to write code to" playlist. (I play the game in between.)

This time I couldn't find any music, but I could definitely hear it. Is it buried in some Unity asset bundles or something?

Yeah, it's in an asset bundle. Take a look at

Yep, sorry about that. :/


--- Quote from: BadgerBadger on February 28, 2017, 10:34:56 am ---Yeah, it's in an asset bundle.

--- End quote ---

Thanks. I haven't been following the blog or kickstarter updates, so I wouldn't have seen that otherwise.

I found the right asset bundle, and according to the manifest all but one of the tracks are from SBR. I guess it's just the main theme I need. :-)

Chris, would you object if I found (or wrote, although I suspect that would be more effort than I have time for) an extractor and liberated the music?

No worries whatsoever.  There are extractors for that sort of thing already, I think -- ones aimed at 7 Days To Die, for instance, I believe.


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