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Fun Ark Bug

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Start a new game. When you get to the map screen, click at least once (and hope that the gui doesn't die more than twice)(It really likes to die on your second click)(If you spam the button immediately it sometimes goes through), and then choose whichever map you would like.
Depending on how many times you clicked the change map button, you will get extra Arks at the start of the game. They are, however, waaaaaaaaaay bugged out and they are also uncontrollable. Also, if you have too many then the Ark that you can control wont produce any ships. Which pretty much means GG.
There are lots of other fun, wacky things about it, so have fun before they fix it! :D

I have observed this as well. Maybe describe this in Mantis?

Mantis 0018953 < already posted

I can confirm multiple arks at the start, and I also selected a different start system and then switched back to the default.

The extra arcs seems to be stacked on the "real" one, and I noticed it disappeared after 5-10 mins.

I am still able to reproduce this bug in version 0.102.  I checked mantis and 0018953 is marked as resolved.  Should I open a new bug or clone the resolved bug?


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