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Finding your Alpha key on backerkit

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Not sure if it will be like this for everyone, but I never got an email from backerkit with my alpha key (or stating that it was available).

I found mine by logging into backerkit, picking AI War II, and hitting the "downloads" button.  Way down at the bottom of the list were the alpha keys.

Check there if you too didn't get the email.

That was what I encountered as well

Same here. No email, keys were in backerkit.

Thanks for the tip, I've been nervously refreshing my email for the last hour wondering what was wrong! Found my key on the backerkit page too.

Okay, emails should have just gone out now, knock on wood.

THAT said, I'm still about 200 keys short of what I need in the system (my face sure is red), so I'm waiting on Valve for that and then I'll send out more.  If the system says that "your order needs to be locked down" when really it has been, you drew a short straw.  Really sorry about the mess there. :/


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