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Does the AI build structures on their planets?


Ovalcircle: At 1:24:01, The AI builds a shield generator on the planet that just got attacked by the Nanocaust. Does this still happen?

Edit: This video is from v.503.

It depends on the thing being built, but the short answer is "yes and no."  The non-AI factions build all sorts of stuff.  The AI should be building turrets and some other things of that nature (and from my testing they do seem to be).  As far as constructing specific units like forcefields... I don't think that they have any logic for that right now, since they didn't in the first game.  Guard posts aren't really something they rebuild, either, to my knowledge.  But the list of things they build will expand in the future (barracks being one obvious thing).

Forcefields might be a thing Badger's AstroTrain projects can do (if not, HINT HINT).

Astro trains are more likely to give Golems to the AI. Shields are not very intimidating.

It turns out the AI does create forcefields on its planets. I am 100% sure I saw a forcefield pop into existence where there was none before.


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