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Re: Dark Spire
« Reply #15 on: June 03, 2018, 12:15:20 am »
I've also added the ability to tune the Dark Spire's energy production from dying ships based on the factions involved. There are multipliers defined in the XML based on who the killing faction is and who the dying faction is; the formula is EnergyGenerated = StrengthOfDyingUnit * KillingFactionMultiplier * DyingFactionMultiplier. So for example the Devourer is set to have a low KillingFactionMultiplier, so anything the Devourer kills will produce less energy. The Nanocaust has low Killing and Dying faction multipliers. The goal is so that enabling minor factions that fight things won't cause the Dark Spire to kill everything, and having tuning numbers in the XML should make it easy to balance.

If we want to take the approach of "Devourer kills generate 0 energy" then we can just set its KillingFactionMultipler = 0, but I wanted to make things more flexible.

Incidentally, the Dark Spire generates bonus energy when it kills things....


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