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Are there supposed to be sound effects (or options)?


Music seems to be playing just fine, but very LOUD by default.  I'm not hearing any sound effects though - might not be implemented yet?

Are there supposed to be any options we can control (rendering options, volume controls, etc.), or are those to come along later?

None of the sound effects are in yet, and there's not settings screen.  However!  You can look in your install folder under a PlayerData subfolder, and you should see newsettings.dat.  When the game isn't running, open that in a text editor.  You can adjust volume in there, or turn off the music, and a few other things.

A lot of the really handy settings aren't in there just yet, like tuning graphical performance, etc.

Those are on my list:

Argh, so many things to keep track of!  I'll try to keep an eye on the to-do list.

This is what happens when I'm putting off talking to vendor sales reps about enterprise support packages (why do they have to discuss it before providing support estimates - it's on your site as a standardized package...)

Yeah, you're telling me with the so much to keep track of!  I hope it gets a lot simpler for us to keep track of before long, aka with the biggest things getting sorted out and thus no longer questions people have.

And yeah, I hear you on the enterprise software stuff -- I've been on both sides of that, sigh.


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