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What is the most successful game similar to Zelda on PC?

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Or which one you personally like the most?

Wikipedia says:

--- Quote ---The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo's most prominent and successful franchises, selling over 80 million copies as of 2017; many of its games are considered by critics to be among the greatest video games of all time.
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---Life-to-date number units shipped, in millions
Game   Year   Sales
Breath of the Wild   2017 (Wii U/NS)   11.36
--- End quote ---

Also: Game ranking on metacritic is 96 or 97%.

Now I'm not saying that console game market operates in similar rules as PC game market, so I'm not looking to compare numbers. But the numbers above basically mean "universal success".

So my question is, if I want to have a similar experience as in Zelda games in general or in "Breath of the Wild" in particular, what are my best bets? And are they also considered "universal success" and if not, why?

Never played Breath of the Wild but what I heard from friends the game was actually closer to western rpgs than typical Zelda games. So basically Skyrim, The Witcher and similiar games.

If you are looking for more classic zelda, I would say Anodyne is quite "Zelda-like" but it is also very surreal and its hard to follow what you have to do.
Oceanhorn is similiar to "Wind Waker"with multiple islands that you have to sail to and typical dungeon gameplay.

The Tomb Raider reboot series comes very close to Zelda in terms of gameplay elements. You find different equipment that you need to get further into the game, you have to solve some puzzles and you can backtrack older regions to find missed stuff (or stuff you can only access after getting new equipment). It IS a shooter game however (no swordplay) and is marked "mature" for a reason.

Final Fantasy XV might be also close to Breath of the Wild but again, cannot confirm because I have never played BoW.
Treasure Adventure World is close to Zeda in terms of gameplay, although a 2D sidescroller.

Ittle Dew is a parody of the zelda Genre (the classic 2D ones) and because of this features many elements of those games. But since its a parody it does not take itself very seriously.

Thank you for this. Somehow I forgot to turn on notifications for this thread so reading it only now. Feels like these forums are much less active now than back in the days.

A lot of the active game/gameplay discussion has moved over to Discord.

Yeah, I know. But even discord seems relatively quiet.


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