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What is the correct price to gameplay-hour ratio?

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--- Quote from: Wingflier on February 09, 2018, 07:50:14 am ---In my family the rule of thumb is $1 per each hour of gameplay. So a $60 game would ideally merit 60 hours of gameplay.

However, I think this is an extremely strict method. Online I saw people willing to pay $10 an hour, so a $60 game would ideally merit them 6 hours of gameplay time. Some people were even more generous than that.
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Though I generally hate DLC with a passion, one nice element of DLC is that it allows people to invest more into a game when they realize they "owe" the developers more money because they've played it so much.

What is your ideal ratio?

--- End quote ---
To be honest I dont have any strict ratio.
I've played:
- The Binding Of Isaac for more than 800hrs and paid smth like $10-15 (including dlc)
- Dota 2 for 4000+ hrs and paid $0.
- Rocket league 500+ hrs for <10$
But I still think that paying much higher fee for less hrs played is okay, just not for me :D


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