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Want to make an LP of an Arcen title? Go right ahead!

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Youtube is literally shooting itself in the head here. All the top channels these days are professional Let's Play'ers and game reviewers. If they tell those people that they cannot make money off their work, well guess what? Those people will move somewhere where they can make a living, and the people who watch them will follow. And Youtube will not be able to get them back, no matter what they do.

They have time right now to reverse what they are doing. Once another site grabs the big names, it is all over.

Unfortunately, they are shooting themselves in the foot if they DON'T make these changes. Literally, it's only the fact that they are actively trying to keep copyrighted material off the site that is keeping them from a massive lawsuit from the big movie/music/games publishers. I know they are run by google, but, they don't want to deal with a combined lawsuit from Disney, Ninetendo, Sony, etc.

Movies, music -- fine.

But the only one doing much complaining about videos of games, to my knowledge, is Nintendo.  Sony and Microsoft actively are building LP capabilities into their hardware, for goodness sake.  And it's so popular on PC that I don't even think someone like EA particularly cares.  I guess that creators of story-driven games might care if that lets people get the story without playing the game... but I dunno.

Rather than a blanket policy, it seems like there should be some sort of "games are okay to LP unless their publisher/developer specifically puts it on a blacklist that people can easily refer to on youtube.  And in the case of blacklists, it simply takes down the content, doesn't provide a risk of lawsuits."  And reviews of anything should be protected under freaking fair use -- movies and so forth, too.

The whole thing seems ham-handed to me.

The funny thing is the policy change is only for video games.  It doesn't cover movies or music, just games.

Which means they are just shooting themselves if they make the change.

--- Quote from: x4000 on December 18, 2013, 12:25:28 pm ---Sony and Microsoft actively are building LP capabilities into their hardware, for goodness sake.
--- End quote ---

Indeed.  Valve added a direct-to-youtube upload in TF2, what, two years ago?  Not only making it easier to create and edit the video content, but streamlining it so much all you needed to do was hit F8 and later hit "upload."  The cool part is that the video is actually generated server-side!  Well, the video data.  Rendering is still handled by the client.  You can, in fact, save replays and record from your killer's POV (or your victim, if you're actually good at the game unlike myself).

--- Quote ---The whole thing seems ham-handed to me.
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Should I expect a "Coke Classic" response now?

Haha, I hope they pull a Coke Classic.


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