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Want to make an LP of an Arcen title? Go right ahead!

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--- Quote from: Draco18s on December 18, 2013, 12:32:41 pm ---The funny thing is the policy change is only for video games.  It doesn't cover movies or music, just games.

Which means they are just shooting themselves if they make the change.

--- End quote ---
They could've totally claimed it was entirely for copyright purposes if they decided to inflict this on everyone, but it seems they like to be a bit more selective if its not something obvious like continuing to degrade the front page/channel page design.

To a lesser extent, what about gamefaqs? Those are representations of complete games containing material people used to pay for, like cheat codes.

Also, I want to see the terms of service of any game that says you can't use it for a performance. Games are played all the time out in public. If you cannot show gameplay in public, you can't have handheld consoles anymore. I watched someone play some dungeon exploration game on a bus ride once. What's the difference between that and YouTube in the terms of service?

Also, does that mean you can copyright the use of a product in public? For example, if I'm selling some widget, can I prevent that widget from being shown on YouTube? Let's say that I make a wooden labyrinth with a marble in it and someone makes a video showing how to solve it. What's the difference?

What if you don't turn on advertisements?

So many questions, and I hope this goes to court so we can clear this up. I can understand that people who steal music and movies online, yeah that's piracy. But this is about performance, educating people how to play games, humor, and entertainment beyond the product itself. They are overstepping their bounds, and I really can't feel bad for any companies who have a "Let's Play" made about their game. I understand that Google is covering their behind, but I just don't see the liability here.

To be clear on my own stance, I'm entirely with you on all that, and feel that any disallowment of games on YouTube is ridiculous. However, my solution of a blacklist system was to give the... smart folks... who wish to block their content, a way to do so. One that clearly labels them as the jerks versus YouTube or "developers in general," and as a thing that helps provide a sense of security for LPers not working with the titles of those... smart folks.

Seriously. "I've written a book, but you can only read it if you never tell anyone about it." Sounds like a solid plan to me!

A lot of this stems from terrible games getting panned by Youtubers and those game publishers crying copyright violations to get the videos taken down. It's the same ones that delete any negative feedback on their poor games on Steam forums. It's an unpleasant situation that some of these developers bring upon themselves for releasing games that are just poor quality and often badly broken.

I won't name the 2 games I'm especially thinking of, but I know at least one of them is well-known and disparaged universally.


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