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Hyper Universe
« on: September 01, 2017, 01:23:13 PM »
A little late but here it is:

Hyper Universe is a casual sideview Moba with tons of fun. The game is currently Early Access (aka not finished) and costs 16€. Game takes place in the fictional Hyper Universe, where people from totally different universes are drawn into for a big tournament or something liek that. This means that teh different heroes are very different in their theme and don't seem to fit to each other. For exampel we  have a sci-fi alien medic alongside a little girl that can cast snowballs.
Hyper Universe features 6 roles that specialise in different aspects of the game.
Tanks take the damage from enemies and fight on the frontline.
Bruisers fight also on the frontline but are more damage oriented. They are highly mobile compared to the rather statc tanks.
Specialists cast quickly their spells in big area of effects and can clear creep camps and waves.
Strikers deal heavy damage with their quick regular attack and penetrate defense of enemies.
Supports heal other players and apply buffs on them.
Assassins can dish out huge damage to a single target but lack crowd control.

Gold is shared equally among all players, if someone kills creeps, all get the same gold. This allows people to let soemone farm all the creep camps for the rest of the team and also removes the necessity to compete over farm or try for last hitting. Just kill creeps and you are good to go.
Hyper Universe features a rather simple itemization system. Your items are set for the start of the match and cannot changed after that, you can arrenge your item builds before matches. Iems have multiple upgrades and get special effects when they reach the final upgrade. During matches you can upgrade an item with gold or let the game auto-upgrade it for you (from left to right or whatever priority you have set).
Getting an advantage in gold is important to get faster your items.
Additionaly people can hunt neutral creep camps for consumable items, that improve their stats temporary or permantently.

A big boss-like creep awaits in the lower central of the game and gives a big gold boost for the entire team and if he is killes  asecond time, you can launch siefe tanks to bring down towers faster.

The goal is to destroy the base of the opponents, you have to destroy their four outer towers first to do that. All skills deal also damage to towers, so it is unrelevant, what role you pick to bring down towers, the typical "carry" role is absent in this game.

The game can be played with keyboard or with the gamepad (I use a gamepad).

For the initial price you get access to all 28 Hypers that are currently in the game, F2P players will have to et these heroes through other means.

The length of matches is rather short and can be around 30 minutes, 40 minutes at top. The game is very fast based and action oriented, fights break out all the time.
My ingame name is TheVampire100 btw.