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Compare it to other Mobas. There you use one hand to move the camera and your character, another to use your abilities and items. Some crazy people have mouses with thousands of buttons and can use these as hotkeys.
SMITE however has a pretty stupid control system. This is the fault of the gameplay, because the developers didn't know how to get hotkeys and controls for everything.
With one hand you control your the cmaera and attack, with the other you move your character around. Now you need a THIRD hand for abilities and items. Compared to other Mobas, SMITE has less active items you can use (thank god) but it still uses the "four abilities per hero" formular. And they decide to put the abilties on the 1-4 number keys. Genius move, really (not). It's a terrible design choice and it took me weeks to figure out where to put the hotkeys until I was satisfied. But even then I could feel, the game was clearly not well designed for mutliple hotkeys, you had problems to move your character and zse abilities at the same time. The whole thing was designed for game controlelrs it seems and that's the only way how you can enjoy this to play.
Another thing that frustated me: You couldn't easily see abilites of other heroes like in other Mobas. As new player you can hardly get a foot in this game. You are immidaitly bounced off. Mobas take always a good amopunt of time to learn but SMITE makes it not easier because in other Mobas you can learn heroes while you play but in SMITE you die and think "WTF JUST HIT ME?!".
So I gave up on SMITE.

Uh...no? You use one hand for character movement and abilities (and the two usable item slots) and one hand to aim and look. I don't see how you need a third hand? O_o

WSAD movement. QE actives and ZC for usables. That's one hand. Abilities on 1-4. I don't see how you can have issues with that? Even so, you can assign mouse buttons as well, so you could move any of those to the mouse.

Maybe you cannot see it, but I wasn't the only one with this issue. there was a full thread about this problem and suggestions how to fix this.
To be more clear, whenever you have to activate an ability you have to move your fingers from the movement controls to the abilities, in other words you have to stop moving, becoming a great target for enemies. With these controls you cannot do both, you simply can't. Just try it on your board, you will see that you HAVE to move your fingers away from the WASD keys.
Fot a Moba that was designed to be more fast paced as other Mobas (also because it acts more like a third person shooter), this simply is a bad design choice.

What? You must have very small hands then, I have no issues hitting all the keys I mentioned, while keeping my main fingers still on the movement controls. I mean, my hands are hardly large, so that must be a case of an oversized keyboard or a different keyboard design. I have absolutely no problems hitting those keys while moving. Never had, and I have about 1300 hours in Smite, so I should've noticed.

Okay, controls aside, because you focus too much on that, the other issue is still the UI and the lack of help for newer players.


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