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Review games on Steam that you love. Results are determined by those who show up

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A site I might suggest for finding such games:  www.indiegames.com

I check this pretty much daily, as it doesnt take too long to quickly scan through the first couple of pages.  Alot of indie games I learn about, this is where I find them.  Though of course there are plenty of others I find just checking Steam's new releases each day.

But yeah, I find it to be a very useful resource for that.  Even the really obscure sorts of games that I'm often into can easily be found here.

That's true, that is a great site.

Since Curators are currently popular among game developers, are you guys plannign on making your own Curator page on Steam? I would really like to know what kind of games you recommend.

Speaking for myself only, I mostly play the sorts of games that I don't make.  Specifically, I make the sorts of games that I wanted to play but couldn't find anywhere else, is a bit more accurate.  So I wind up playing things that are in areas that I don't really create games, OR that are older games.  It really varies.  But I have definitely decided to start writing my own reviews for games that I play: http://steamcommunity.com/id/x4000/recommended/

That can potentially land me in some hot water since I might know the developers and that can get pretty awkward.  But there's no reason to be mean in a review anyway, and I try to always clarify my position on why it wasn't a game for ME if I didn't like it.  And suggest people who might like it, and why.  And when I do like something, I try to mention the reasons that some folks might not like it.

Overall I'm trying to review things the way that I wish the press would review things, although mine are not exhaustive reviews and are just little bits of feedback meant to float in a crowd of such feedback.

Playing currently Warhammer 40k: Space Wolf. I'm fond of WH:40k games and I liked this game on Android. Now decided to try Space Wolf on PC. It looks like a port from mobile game to some extent, but of very good quality. It has much common like missions, storyline and cards mechanic. But also got new cool graphics and visual effects, In my opinion it's quite promising.
 I would rate it 8 out of 10. (for Early Access game)


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