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Review games on Steam that you love. Results are determined by those who show up

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--- Quote from: eRe4s3r on September 23, 2014, 04:09:35 am ---Steam does not have reviews, it has recommendations. They do not need to be the length of a book page and should not be regarded as reviews ;) At the core it's a popularity contest over an opinion with either positive or negative up-front connotations, not a review.

Ps.: Steam playtime says nothing about how long someone played the game...... for various (actually extremely varied) reasons.

And sorry Misery, but If I dislike a game after 5 minutes so extremely I find myself writing a negative recommendation then that is how that works and likely far more helpful to someone who hasn't yet wasted 5 minutes but can fully understand my points...... And often these recommendations are more useful than the astroturf recommendations for games exactly for that reason. I'd rather someone tell me their experience, negative or not, than listing what kind of genre a game is or isn't. And when a dev says, pulled support for a game, then I want to read that at the top of the recommendations, and not 5 days later when I accidentally stumble upon the news post on blues....

In the end, you disagree with a recommendation give it a thumbs down.

I actually was tempted to write a very negative recommendation for Pixel Piracy after little more than 30 minutes of suffering, because by god has that an annoying control scheme. I refuse to play that ;/ Or Sword and Soldiers HD, which I hated after exactly 12 minutes so much that I never started it ever again after that. Now I didn't write anything because I was simply lazy.. but if you disregard recommendations with short play-times you are shooting yourself in the foot. Often these are the honest opinions while the rest is community driven astroturfing. Which is completely unhelpful actually (to me).

--- End quote ---

Hmmm, you do have a good point there.

I guess part of the problem is telling them apart... which people really did run into something that's actually THAT nasty, and which ones actually are just getting their complaints due to their own inability to understand something simple, or outright laziness, or similar reasons. 

As it is I had the same issue with Pixel Piracy, though I'll return to it later on I think, if the devs should fix it.

Imo the system only fails when people try to be ironic in the recommendations like they are in Amazon user reviews...., it's about the only things I regularly thumbs down. And it really hurts to see stuff like Alpha Zylon have a 50% "mixed" rating because 4 ..... "things" decided that they should put a thumbs up with "irony" instead of just writing a honest negative .. anti? recommendation and hence push it on page 1 of certain searches... where that "game" should never ever be.

Ps. Sorry that I worded it so cranky but I have an extremely noisy pair of lovely black crows perched in a tree right next to my (currently and not for long) open window.. and they interrupted my thoughts more than once ;P

I am slowly getting steam queue filtered, all F2P and MMO = don't show. And when I am done steam is going to be actually useful again. .. well mostly. I still want a flag that tells steam that I already OWN a game (just not on steam) because Steam is recommending me a lot of games I already have. I mean, that is obviously a good sign, means their system works... but it'd be nice to *not* be offered Anno 2070 when one already owns that etc...


A lot of really good discussion in here -- so much so that I don't really feel that I have anything to add.  How odd!  ;D

I haven't found anyone that can truly capture my tastes in videogames. Netflix does a horrible job profiling me and so far steam is also.


--- Quote from: Cyborg on September 23, 2014, 06:19:08 pm ---I haven't found anyone that can truly capture my tastes in videogames. Netflix does a horrible job profiling me and so far steam is also.

--- End quote ---

Well, okay, I'm the same way with Netflix and so forth.  However, it does give me SOME things that I wouldn't otherwise find on my own, so that's good.  Beyond that, my best source of hearing about awesome and interesting games is the Off Topic section here.  You guys discuss plenty of things that I am not remotely interested in, but then there are a lot of things that make me perk up, too.  Not surprising, given the commonality that we all have of the reason we use these forums at all.  But even that's not a 100% hit rate for me, and I guess nothing ever would be.


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