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Plants vs Zombies Heroes
« on: October 21, 2017, 01:39:11 am »
I made an extra thread because why not. PvZ Heroes is currently my most played card game, I pretty much left other my favourite card games behind like Eteneral and Mabinogi Duel/DoS.
Plants vs Zombies is a casual digital card game, don't expect big complex decks with deep strategy parts, the game is, like the Plants vs Zombies series, goofy, cartoony and mostly for palyers who want to have a light experience.
You can compare PvZ to Hearthstones casual system but that's where the similiarities end, the gameplay is very unqiue that the opposing players play two different factions with their own unique traits and abilities despite some similiar cards.

Like in the whole series, plants and zombies stand against each other, a player can play heroes from both sides and will always face an opponent of the other side, so no plants vs plants fights. Both sides have unique cards, they share some cards that work quite similiar or are even the same expect the name and artwork but they also have a lot of their own individual cards. Soem card traits are even exclusive to one side.

I list the card traits, for anyone interested, just open the spoiler.

Spoiler for Hiden:
Shared traits:
-Untrickable: Target is immune to tricks (spell cards).
-Dino Roar: Card activates effect whenever a new card is drawn.
-Freeze: Freezes target, frozen units loose next attack.
-Strikethrough: Hits all targets in lane, including enemy hero.
-Anti hero: Gets bonus damage if no enemy is in this lane.
-Bullseye: Does not charge block meter on direct hits.
-Armored: Takes X less damage from all sources.
-Hunt: Moves to an empty lane if an emeny unit is played there.
-Amphibious: Can be played on water lane.
-Conjure: Create and draw a random card of a specific tribe.
-Bounce: Moves an enemy unit back to the hand.

Plant exclusive traits:
-Double-strike: Gets a bonus attack after the first one.
-Team-up: Can be used to play two plants in the same lane (one plant with this ability is enough in the lane).
-Splash: Deals X Damage to neighbouring lanes (does not increase when the plan gets more damage).

Zombie exclusive traits:
-Deadly: Kills plant on hit, regardless of damage. Works with abilities too.
-Gravestone: Hides unit until trickphase. Opponent player sees only the gravestone as placeholder.
-Frenzy: If this unit killed a plant, it attacks again (ability kills count too).
-Overshoot: Deals X damage to the enemy player before the battle starts.

The game uses a different round approach then other card games. Both players take the same round and after each round, the units fight against each other automatically. You cannot select who to attack because units are assigned to five different lanes and attack only the unit in front of it (or the player, if no one is there). Card effects may modify this but you still cannot select directly what to attack, just what to deal damage to with effects. Each roudn starts with the zombie player who puts down zombie units first but cannot play trick cards (spells). Gravestone is a way to protect units for this round but not every hero has access to them.
The plant player gets the next turn, he can play both tricks and units in this round, he can immediatly react to threats with his tricks or abilities to destroy the played units or play units on his own to either block or deal damage. After that, the zombie player can now use his tricks to get rid of plants or protect his zombies in some way. When the zombie player has ended this phase, the fight begins and all lanes resolve their attacks.
Attacks on the players charge their block meter. If this is full, the attack does no damage and the according player draws one of his special abilities. Each hero has four abilities but starts with one in the first round, so you can block three times per match.
Players start with 20 hp and cannot go above max unless a card allows it. Overheal is also not counted when it comes to effects.

Cards are divided into five classes (for each side, so there are 10 classes in total), each hero has two classes and can use onyl cards from his classes.

Spoiler for Hiden:
Plant classes:
-Kabloom: Berries and Mushrooms. Mostly damage, cheap and glass cannon cards. Ideal for aggro decks.
-Guardian: Nuts and Roots. Tanky cards, often with team-up to protect other valuable cards.
-Mega-grow: Peas and Leafy. Cards that start out weak but can grow quickly Good for tempo decks.
-Smarty: Beans and amphibious. Cards with a lot of control abilities like freeze and bounce.
-Solar: Flowers. Generates lot of sun (mana) and has many healing abilities. Only class with Strikethrough.

Zombie classes:
-Beastly: Pets ans monsters. Can grow really strong, have frenzy and high stat cards.
-Brainy: Science. Lot of control with tricks, can gain extra brains (mana).
-Crazy: Dancers. Damage and class cannon units, also units that summon other units.
-Hearty: Sport. Tanky units, high sustain, self heal, little damage.
-Sneaky: Imps. Cheap units with low stats, most gravestones, can move units around lanes.

There are 22 heroes (11 heroes for each side) in the game, one for each class combination plus a hero variant of the starting heroes for both sides. Players start with one hero of each side, Green Shadow for the plants, Super Brainz for the zombies, other heroes can only be unlocked through booster packs (one pack costs 100 gems) by chance or you spend 750 gems to get one hero of your choice. You also get some free heroes from beginner quests but I don't remember which ones or how many.
Heroes can be played in multiple ways because they draw cards from two classes instead of one (like in other games), but they still have preferenced playstyles. For example Super Branz encourages a control playstyle with lot of position changes, extra attacks and tricks.

Rewards are gained similiar to Hearthstone, you get up to 3 quests, each one gives you 10 gems, quests recharge after some time. Playing ranked gives you stars, with five stars you get a new rank, which gives you gems based on the rank you reached (higher ranks, more gems), after 10 ranks you also reach a new league which gives you a big gem reward and the final reward at the end of the season is chosen by your final league. You cannot loose ranks or leagues but you can loose stars from victories. Lower rank victories grant you more stars, at the higher ranks you get only one star per victory with no streak bonus. Highest rank is 50 with the Ultimate League, no rewards are gained further until the season ends (although you still can gain gems from quests).

Each week a new card is also released, the so called event card. An event card is a limited time card that can only obtained by accumulating 1200 event points. These event points can be gained from victories, no matter where. You can get them from ranked matches, unranked or even AI matches but depending on where you play, you get less points. Every fourth hour you get a 10x bonus if you play with a specific hero. You can still get points with any other hero but the bonus applies only for this hero.
Additionally you can play each day a special challenge which gives you 100 event points each and also a free booster pack if you beat all 7 challenges for the week. Event cards can be crafted at some later points, usually when the season ends and a new patch with new event cards is introduced.

A special mention to theme decks. PvZ Heroes has strategy decks for each hero and while you can simply buy them with gems, you also can use a partial deck as long as you have at least half of the listed cards. The deck will then automatically replace unobtained cards with ones you have. You also can copy a strategy deck and modify it to your liking. Theme decks are any easy way for inexpierenced players to get a foot into the game.

The game is aviable for mobile phone only (no phone, no bone), you can get it here:

If anyone needs tips with the game or some budget deck ideas, just ask.


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