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Re: Online Card Games Thread
« Reply #120 on: May 30, 2017, 08:32:54 PM »
Concerning people's thoughts on the "card upgrade" system:

I hated that as well, in fact it was one of the main reasons I originally quit the game for awhile before eventually coming back to it and falling in love.

The thing about the card upgrade system is that yes, it's stupid, but someone once explained it to me in a way that made me see it completely differently. Instead of viewing it as a card upgrade system, just pretend you don't own the card(s) at all, and at certain levels, the game is giving you awesome cards for free. That seems much more reasonable and exciting than playing with shitty cards until you hit a specific level and they're actually worth using.

Because the truth is, the cards you get (when they're upgraded) are often incredibly powerful, but prior to that they're garbage. So just pretending you're getting great cards for free (you are) is a much better way of looking at it.

In any case, the card upgrade system is more like a card unlocking system, and once you've maxed our your account level (it doesn't take that long) you never have to deal with it again anyway. From there you can simply build your collection as you see fit.
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Re: Online Card Games Thread
« Reply #121 on: June 11, 2017, 05:49:30 PM »

Plants vs Zombies Heroes released their first expansion set, Galactic Gardens. And this at a time when I never excepted it. I thought they would only introduce new cards through the vent card system (which is nice to get soem free cards here and there but terrible to introduce a constant stream of new crads). Anyway, new card set and oh boy, it is awesome. Season 1 (which runs like... forever) will also finally end and people will get rewards depending on their rank, new seasons won't take multiple years anymore, now any season will last exactly 5 years from 2 ongoing.
Back to the set, it's space themed with the title "Galactic Gardens".
There are multiple new keywords, some exclusive to one of the factions.

Conjure gives you a card of the same tribe ont he hand and adds a special ability to it. An excellent way to get a replacement for a card just played and keep pressure on the enemy.

Double Strike was in the game before but didn't had a keyword because only the Repeater and the Bananasaurus Rex had the ability. It allows you to attack twice per turn unless you die after the first attack. Exclusive to Plants.

Hunt moves a plant or zombie to a free lane if an enemy card is played there. Basically it allows you to block lanes, even if your opponent tries to evade it. This is of course more useful to zombies than to plants and because of this, zombies have more cards with this trait.

Overshoot is zombie exclusive and gives an amazing buff to the crazy class (in which this originates). Overshoot deals damage to ots value to the enemy hero before the actual fight int he lane happens, this means you can deal guaranteed damage. If the lane is not blocked, you deal damage a second time (with your attack value). Crazy tribe always had the problem that they have very high attack power but very little health and therefor are way to easy to block and remove, overshoot gives you unblockable damage.

In general the set buffs crazy tribe a lot, which means this could finally bring Electric Boogallo and Z-Mech back into regular ranked gaming.

A cool new feature of the game are the new environment cards. These cards are played liek tricks but change any of the 3 ground lanes into a new lane type that adds new effetcs to zombies or plants played there. The only way to remove an environment is to play an environment yourself there, kinda like field spells in Yu-Gi-Oh. Problem with this is, there are no cards that destroy environments besides environemts themselves, which means a deck without them has no counter against them. Having these cards in your deck is now required. There are some cards that benefit, when being in an environment, even if it's fromt he opponent, but these won't change the fact, that you have a disadvantage in the lane.
If you have sparks, the first thing you should do is craft some environments for all class tribes.

Here's a list with all new cards:

Additionally, you can get now for a limited time 2 free packs from Galactic Gardens which enables you a nice head start and gives you the much needed environment cards.
I keep my eyes open on what cards are currently excellent in the new patch and what you should definitely get.


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