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Old Windows 95 PC game that I can't remember the name of (HELP!)


Hey guys, can you help me find an old PC game?

All day my mind has been boggled over this stupid computer game I used to play on Windows 95 in the early 2000s but I can't think of the name. And I've spent the last hour search google to no avail.

'It was a 2d cartoon game in dark colors. Like strategy/puzzle. I remember at one point you had to set up decoy radio signals to distract some dude from catching you: and there was this opening monologue that went something like:

Your mission if you choose to accept it is to find the x....probe, recover your music and get back home. You must rescue as many agents as your can, they have the code to launch the probe...
Then something about a salad bar and pepper being a better distraction than sodium chloride

Your mission, and you have no choice but to accept is to find, the x t 10 probe, in order to recover your music and... Get back home. At the salad bar finding the q chip will help. You have a nice day and remember pepper is a better distraction than sodium chloride.'

I think it had "Agent" in the name of it or something? I'm not sure.

I think it was 3rd person. It was drawn in cartoon really thick lines and such. It would go from like puzzles to point and click to cut animations scene.

Please please help me find it. I remember playing it back in 2000 on Windows 95.

It sounds either like the first Space Quest, or much more likely: Teenagent.

I believe you are referring to Iz & Auggie: Escape From Dimension Q


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