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I was right.

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As someone who does have underlying health conditions, I'm on the short list. And I know we had some big forum argument, where I posited that Republicans and their followers were both evil and moronic. I also posited that voting was of paramount importance. I was right.

We have been sold to the stock market.

I've been having a(n intermittent) conversation with someone Elsewhere that the US might actually be a worst place to be right now than where he is (Italy, just outside of Milan).

Or that it probably will be in about a week (Italy's infection curve is starting to slow, whereas the US is about six days behind in terms of total number of infections and still accelerating....and we're about to hand over 500 billion of taxpayer dollars to Boeing and other large companies so they can enrich themselves).

Profits over people. We have been robbed blind before, such as that trillion dollar "tax cut." What makes this so outrageous is that people are literally dying, and that's seen as an opportunity to raid the vault yet again. And on top of that, only the Democrat governors are shutting down their states.

I'm so very sad and angry that our president-  that a political party is literally sacrificing their own people for the Dow Jones.

I called it all out years ago.

Mostly true. I know that Alabama has restricted gatherings and told restaurants to stop offering dine-in (take out and delivery only).
Not quite a "shut down everything" but its not nothing.

I, my wife, and my ex wife are all also on the shortlist.

I try to stay apolitical at work for a variety of reasons, one of which is creating some inclusivity for even people I disagree with.  If I want to go debate someone, I'll head over to reddit.

You're not saying anything I disagree with, and I've had the same feelings since the Bush administration, let alone Trump.  Yes, you called it.  I and a ton of other people also saw the writing on the wall a long time ago.

But I kind of have to ask: is this really what we want to do here?  It's personally not what I really want to do here.  I have family and a few friends with political beliefs that are directly opposite of my own, and I try to enjoy their company and what we DO have in common.  Rhetoric and tribalism and so on is so set in, and views are so entrenched, that rational discussion is not going to yield anything.  This isn't new information.

We can all get into a big argument here, figure out who thinks what and who disagrees with who, and it will change exactly zero minds.  This is the frustrating and depressing conclusion I've come to, over a span of years.  This isn't some grand new revelation.

So the question becomes: why do it?  Can we just get along despite our differences (not you and me specifically, as we're on the same page, but basically the people you're kind of baiting right now)?  Nobody's going to suddenly switch sides or admit they were wrong.  They're going to trot out misinformation, deflection, and alternative facts.  They're going to point to legitimately shitty things that the democrats are doing, as well.  It will circle and spiral, and nothing will come of it but a lot of anger.

That's... not really what I'd like this community to be, speaking for myself.


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