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Hey, the Arcen wiki is now open for all to edit!

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Well hello!  I'll have more information on Stars Beyond Reach later in the week.  But for the moment, I wanted to give a quick important announcement about our wiki.  Previously it was invite-only, and mainly edited by staff.  Consequently it was often out of date.

Now it's open to anyone to edit, although you do still have to create an account (to hopefully keep spambots out).  There are certain pages -- mainly release notes -- that are protected from editing by anyone except admins.  Believe it or not, I didn't know how to set any of that up previously, hence us never really having this open before.

Thanks to Dominus Arbitrationis for setting all this up, and getting things upgraded and kicked off at all.  And teaching me a thing or two in the process, as well.  You can PM him through the forums or contact him through the Special:EmailUser page on the wiki.  He wanted me to emphasize that this is a work in progress at the moment, so some aspects of it are still being set up right now.

There's also some sort of slowdown on the wiki itself performance-wise right now, which I think is probably database-related.  I'm working with Rackspace on getting that figured out.

But if you've been wanting to update stats on AI War ships, or write a tutorial for TLF or AI War or whatever, or provide strategy advice on whatever game -- now you're more than welcome to!  A good wiki is the lifeblood of a lot of other similar games, so I'm really glad that we finally have something properly set up here.

Dominus Arbitrationis:

--- Quote from: x4000 on February 02, 2015, 10:51:42 am ---Now it's open to anyone to edit, although you do still have to create an account (to hopefully keep spambots out).

--- End quote ---

I actually enabled anon editing as a trial since we have several filters that should catch most spam. And honestly, if a spambot can make an account, then they can almost certainly bypass everything else we've put in place.

As a side note, if someone wants to contact me publicly, using my talk page on the wiki is a great way to do so (To find that, you can type User Talk:Dominus Arbitrationis into the search bar).

Makes sense!

Also, the performance issues should _largely_ be a thing of the past, although there may be some lingering stuff.

Dominus Arbitrationis:
I am about to enable file caching, so it is very important that I know if, when, and where every slowdown or misshapen image is. If you're not sure if the caching is doing it, please err on the side of caution and tell me. Then I can work to fix whatever got broken. Same goes for any kind of database error; report them so we can solve them please.

I don't seem to be able to create any page, including my own user page http://www.arcengames.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=User:Zespri
I'm getting "you do not have permission to create this page"
Is this intended?


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