Author Topic: Hat in Time - Seal the Deal  (Read 10095 times)

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Hat in Time - Seal the Deal
« on: September 13, 2018, 02:43:52 pm »
A Hat in Time (one of the better 3D platformers these days) released a new DLC with an entire new chapter to play, a new extra hard game mode and co-op play (split screen).
The DLC is free on the release day, so anyone who owns the game, grab it now and anyone who does not own the gme but might like 3D platformers, just buy it.
The game is currently 40% off and while it wasn't a very long game it was at least very entertaining for me.
The game has amating art nd music, the gameplay is well designed and defines how other 3D platformers should be. I cannot say much about the DLC itself (except what I've seen so far in the trailer) but since it is free today I don't hink that matters that much.


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