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Forum users are now on the wiki!

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Dominus Arbitrationis:
I have just added nearly all the forum users to the wiki. This means that you can now use your forum login to sign in to the wiki! However, not everyone can do this; about 2500 people were not brought over. I'm currently working on moving them over to, but it doesn't want to cooperate there. For reference, there are about 16000 users moved over. Thus, your odds of being unlucky and having a profile that won't move over are quite low.

In order to log in you will use your forum username with the first letter capitalized, if it isn't already. Spaces and other character are there too. Your password for the wiki is whatever password you had set on your forum account as of 7:00 P.M. EST of today (Saturday, March 07, 2015).

If you cannot log-in using those credentials or have any questions, please PM/email me or post here.

You are awesome! Thanks so much for doing this :)

Dominus Arbitrationis:

--- Quote from: Mal on March 08, 2015, 05:07:17 am ---You are awesome! Thanks so much for doing this :)

--- End quote ---

Thanks! I would also like to bring it up that I'm attempting to "share" the users, so that they both update with each other. I probably should start keeping a dev log for all of this...

As always, I love suggestions for more stuff, so feel free to send it to me in any way!

Can you please make a short FAQ on how to login and what our password is? Provide links please.

Dominus Arbitrationis:

--- Quote from: Cyborg on March 08, 2015, 10:55:44 pm ---Can you please make a short FAQ on how to login and what our password is? Provide links please.

--- End quote ---

I'll just post it here for now. Tomorrow I'll add pictures and stuff, along with copy it elsewhere.

* Navigate to the wiki
* Click the button in the top right corner that reads "Log in / create account". Link to login page
* Enter your forum username in the username box.
* Enter your forum password in the password box
* Press the "Log in" button
If that doesn't work, please post here and I'll check if you were imported into the wiki. If you weren't, I'll also bring your account over.

Cyborg: You are in the wiki system. If you forgot your password, the password reset button will send you a password to the email you use for the forums.


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