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Electronic Arts just earned my life-long hatred.

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I know, i know.. its not art talk but i just have to vent this frustration. You know for how much the Digital Deluxe Edition of Dragon Age goes on Impulse ? $65 or 45€ - On steam 50€ for the normal version and DDE version is region locked.

Now that this is known, here is what the same version costs in the only place where Germans can buy it (EA's Own Store) Price - $115 - or 75€. The price for the "Normal" dragon age? 45€ (on amazon) (notice a problem here?)

Now whats the issue you ask? Region Restrictions. Steam and Impulse as well as D2D employ regional restrictions, that means Germans can not buy (restricted) games on these services. This means there is no legal way for Germans to buy the game for the real price.

I asked impulse about this issue and they told me that its a Publisher choice. So yeah, regional restrictions in on line shops are the most evil thing ever and Electronic Arts is now officially my personal enemy.

Yes.. i think i will not buy Dragons Age, wait till its in a 5€ bin and do the same thing to all EA games, for all eternity.

Yes, blame EA, but don't blame impulse or Steam.

Online  content distributors /have/ to enforce any regional restrictions put in place by the publisher.  What happens if impulse ends up selling a game that is banned in Australia to a person living in Australia?

I agree that EA sucks, and in general, i've stopped buying their games.  But unfortunately, it's their prerogative to set the price of their game in different regions.

Don't worry i know who to blame. Impulse or Steam aren't at fault.

Sadly i know who to blame.. and i know just 1 disgruntled netizen won't change anything. But i can spread my disgruntlement and especially Europeans and Aussies understand fully well the problem. The more people realize what EA does the more we hopefully get customers who don't buy into these pre-order region locked offers. No company deserves money that behaves as if Europeans are 2nd class customers.

My pre-order for this title is already in. Physical delivery with a major US retailer.

I probably, however, won't actually install it until the usual "no-CD" type things are available, which stop it from "phoning home" to EA.

As EA has become known for, their products work better and are more user friendly... when you don't buy them.

Still, I like computer games so I buy my games. It just makes me sick to think that this game will probably get 5-10 hours of play before I get bored (who knows?) and cost several times what AI War cost, and I still hope one day soon to have the time to get back to playing computer games in general and AI War in specific!

I decided to not buy it until there is a GOTY edition with all the DLC and expansions, i just don't want to buy DLC one by one, i want a complete game not a game and 50 trickling extra addons over time. At least when it comes to RPG's there is not much incentive to replay them all that often... and when the DLC for 0-day is any indication they are adding a lot of quest lines that you have to restart the game to fully experience (like the stone golem char and his quest)


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