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« on: October 19, 2015, 11:37:19 PM »
I came across mention of a new game while over on the Blue Bottle site, checking out new stuff on Neo Scavenger. And saw mention of Duskers, so i checked it out and went here -->

Anyway, it reminds me in many ways of a reverse Bionic Dues. Instead of building up your bots, you are trying to keep the bots you have that are falling apart, just functioning.  :)  Nice

Scavenging derelict spacecraft and watching your fuel so you can try to make it to a jump point to make it to the next map. So its sorta like we play levels that stretch into long sessions and only continue if we keep getting lucky, watch our mistakes and don't get overwhelmed.  Also a Nice try, but maybe not as easy as just keeping ourselves in parts our bots can use.  :)  Or then maybe keeping our bots in parts isn't going to be a cake walk either.  :)

Anyway, the devs keep adding new mechanics and fleshing the game out. It looks really cool. The price seems a bit high, but then people got to eat, maybe if I can pay $20 for a game I can play Duskers with a clear conscience and keep my eyes peeled for aliens and automatons and maybe have enough fuel to make the jump. Provided I can live to the end of the level. :)

Check it out, looks very very cool!  :)




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Re: Duskers...
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2015, 06:17:48 AM »
.....this just reminded me that I bought the game, and havent played it, because I forgot it was there!

Ugh.  This is what happens when you buy games as bloody frequently as I do.  Like, every few days or so.  What the heck else might I have forgotten about?

Looking at this game again though, yeah, I think I see why I bought it.  Not going to give it a whirl right now.... I feel like I've done enough damn typing for the night (the design work plus a BIT too much forum posting in various places), though I will say I love the idea of doing everything via a command-line interface.  That's pretty unique. 

I might give it a whirl tomorrow, if I do, I'll leave some first impressions here.

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Re: Duskers...
« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2015, 08:32:30 AM »
Erik works with the dev of Duskers as well as with Arcen, and so I had an earlyish copy of this. I'm definitely a fan! I've not had as much time as I wanted to play it, but the command line interface and the menace of rooms with something in there is really cool. I gave some feedback that at thr time I thought it needed a tad more varied sound design, but that is something they were really early on at the time. I think that has since progressed, but it was already in the plans either way.

I really like how it has autocomplete / intellisense like a true IDE would. And how giving commands to multiple bots to various rooms is so quick and easy. It didn't completely suck me in for whatever reason, but I plan to come back to it and I can see it doing so in the future. For reference, I bounced off of Dredmore, FTL, and Torchlight pretty hard, not sucked in by any of those in the long term. I get the feeling that people who like those would also like Duskers, although those are all super different games.

Anyway, especially if you already have it, definitely play it! ;)
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