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Cycles...? Hmmm... Interesting thought
« on: October 10, 2014, 04:15:19 PM »
One of the players of Bionic Dues posted an interesting post asking if there were any ideas for the next cycle.

When they said that an idea struck me. Given how interesting the response was for the update, and this is a guess and not any direct knowledge, but if those updates sold more copies of games that were done last year, or the year before and not just the heavy hitters, like AI War and TLF, but some of the more middle of the road sellers, then maybe ongoing updating is not a bad way to throw a little new feature, or upgrade, or tweak at one of the old games and have the update do several things, hopefully get some more attention from the press, or from the game selling sites, or from fans, or people on the fence about the game who might now find something interesting to draw them in.

So the idea of 'cycles' really appeals to me, and i am hoping it appeals to the other fans out there too. Maybe enough that Arcen will do updates here and there, perhaps even regularly when not in the middle of a new project, that will grow the audiences for the older games. :)

Just an idea I thought I would mention,  :)


(p.s. i guess its quite possible i have this in the wrong place, categorically speaking... but well... Off Topic seemed as good as dropping it into one of the other spaces. )