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Common things in video games that you really dislike?


When I'm playing a video game, one thing that always annoys me is the "invisible wall". Another thing is in open world games, when I clear a section and then it is not clear what I'm supposed to do next and I spend a lot of time basically walking around aimlessly trying to figure where I'm supposed to go.
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What common things in video games do you dislike?

Load times that vary so much in games. Load times period. I know they have to be there, I guess, but sometimes big interruptions are not ideal. That’s what pause is for.

And non-skippable cut scenes. I like The Witcher 3 and all but don’t need to see same while beautiful art of Witcher and Yennifer and recap of what’s happening, when I die or go to different area on map...

Routine disguised as strategy. So many great looking games pretend to be strategy games, but you soon realize you are doing the only thing you can do. ie; build sequences, tech research.

No consequences for bad decisions. (or no option to make a bad decision!)

Lack of AI spectrum. Settings for difficulty of play that are too wide. ie, no way to lose on "Hard", no way to win on "Hardest"

In any strategy game I play, I hate late games because there is no strategy anymore , there is only a pile of troops on another pile of troops... >:(


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