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Chainsaw warrior
« on: November 01, 2013, 04:23:14 PM »
When I first saw it on steam, I thought that this game is just for me - I never heard of the original title, but a solitaire card game with dice is obviously a winner ;). I bought this one and unfortunately I was disappointed. I felt that I'm kept in the dark about the game rules. The game explains something about the game mechanics but it's inadequate, and I wonder why did not they include the origibal rules booklet to the game? That would solve most of my complaints at once. I searched the internet to find the rule book, unfortunately the original game is too old and apparently has not been reprinted for awhile so I could not find the rules.

The fact that the game is a port from iOS also shows. There are some icons on the screen and they are explained once in the beginning. I'd like a tooltip when mouse over on them so it's obvious what they do if I forget, but, no, this is a tabled port so no tooltips. Again - the rulebook could have helped.

And one more thing, the in game help is a joke, it's really really badly written, it does not explain much just causes more question. You need to be familiar with the game to understand what it talks about.

The bottom line, what could have been a very satisfying experience because of execution became an exercise in frustration.

Btw, I'm of similar opinion of Space Hulk, it has a different set of problems, but what could have been an excellent game is barely playable because of a few bad implementation decisions.