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As the Village Turns
« on: May 08, 2012, 02:10:08 PM »

Very unique browser game worth having a go at.

Set in a small romanian village, you play as Mihail. A sickly young man who can't stay out in the sun too long because of an illness. (you can see where this is going) The game revolves around spending your time wisely and talking to people in town. Each of the villagers will have a story to tell. Then when night falls you have a choice that will have major effects on the village.

It's supposed to contain over 1400 lines of unique dialogue too.

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Re: As the Village Turns
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1400 lines? I think we wrote more than that on 1 page of the endless space topic ;p But I am gonna try it out ;) Might be interesting.
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Re: As the Village Turns
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What is the goal of the game?