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Anyone experienced with programs to edit videos for youtube?


I am really late to the game, but I am developing an interest in uploading a videos to youtube for various things.

It turns out I already have the hardware for it, with 100's of GB's of solid state drive just being unused.

All I ineed now is a video editor. I can gather raw video, but the videos can last over 30 minutes and so need to be cut down so youtube uploads them at 1080p.

If anyone has any experience I could use a pointer.  I don't need professional stuff but I'm willing to drop 50 dollars or so for stuff that is easy to use and helps guide me through the process.

I use "avidemux" for editing my videos, mainly rendering them, so they don't take insane amounts of storage.
It can also cut and merge videos and you can change the quality of the video and sound.
I cannot provide a link but you should find it with the name rather quick.
The program was designed for Linux and eventually ported to windows as well.

It's also free. So if it's only for cutting and rendering the video, I would go with this program.

Great thank you. I am trying my luck with a program called shotcut and if I can't make that work out I will try avidemux. Thank you!

If you don't mind using open source software (as pirating commercial software can be rather... well) you can try kdenlive which is a Linux program, but there's a Windows beta now that you can try. It's quite similar to how Sony Vegas works. I've used it and it's pretty okay for basic editing.


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