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Anyone else having problems with PayPal?


Since 2 or 3 weeks already I have major issues with Paypal. Normally I have no problems whatsoever with the system, everything runs smoothly but recently a lot of sites cannot get paid with Paypal at all.
Steam works totally fine, bought something yesterday, bought something last week, others, like Patreon work not at all. I heard that Patreon has some issues with paypal since they changed how taxes are applied.
But Patreon isn't the only issue (it is the biggest however), Apple does not seem to respond as well. Humble Bundle seems to work on a case to case situation.
It worked on Humble Monthly but I cannot buy regular bundles.

Anyone else having noticed these issues. This might have to do something with the recent changes to the Paypal ToS but I couldn't find anything that would tell me why they don't allow payments for specific reasons.

I haven't been making a huge number of purchases with it, but those that I have made all went fine.  That's definitely concerning.

I paid someone with paypal about ten days ago, worked fine then.

Humble Bundle seems to work fine again, Patreon still doesn't work though.
Whenever I try to retry the payment, Patreon tells me that something didn't work.
I tried to relink my Paypal account which seems to work fine but when I tell Patreon to retry the payment, they still fail to do so.


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