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December 21, 2009
(My blogs are generally towards the community I write them for; complexitygaming is a pro-gaming community with rosters of players--anyone know what CGS was [or CS1.6]?  C:

If you don't mind, I wouldn't mind posting my blogs here, too.)

Wow, another long period since my last blog, and my last visit to the Complexity community!  Yes, I agree it has been far too long since my last visit, but I have been busy with a variety of pleasantries, including those from gaming!  I bestoweth upon ye a disorderly and informal blog.  Josh doth murder proper formalities [sleep]!

I've been with the community at www.arcengames.com/forums because I discovered of a great coop RTS (some even call it tower defense 4X RTS) that at first doesn't look like much, but has a lot to say for itself.  The game is an 8 player RTS where the players have to fight against AI forces--it's one of the more funner coop RTS's that I have ever tried, and well deserves its 80 metascore.  While it doesn't have the flashy graphics of Crysis (it's more of the Starcraft type with elements of current-gen), it is heck of fun when you're sitting about doing nothing, with a couple friends to spare over the holiday.  Featuring tons of different units, you can fight across galaxies of 10-120 planets with thousands of units (games consist of up to 30K+), and the AI is great, too.  I was surprised when my units never seemed to overkill their targets, and they choose their targets intelligently.

The game is great--the developer, Chris Park is greater.  Paying close attention to the player base, he makes sure everyone is happy with the game and makes changes to the game based on player feedback.  Did I mention the hundreds of unit types are based upon community-feedback?  If you want more information, please check out their page at www.arcengames.com, and try their demo out for 3 hours (per game forever) and if you're happy with it, buy the indie title for $20 (or wait for xmas discounts) and consider the upcoming expansion, too!  Preorder it now for $10 (or again discount).

Beyond AI War, I was playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (with the boycotts of the dedicated server/mods issue in mind), I thoroughly enjoyed the single player experience.  I found that it was the equivalence--if not more enjoyable--than Modern Warfare 1.  The simplified weapon names, great campaign that seemingly is movie-quality (shock, who is that from that prison!?), and coop that I have yet to complete is a great experience overall.  Though, there were occasions in the campaign where I never stopped dying (veteran); get to the submarine while my bots just camp!?  Jump to reach the helicopter instead of suiciding myself by jumping down into the favela (weird)?  Impossible.  Oh, and take a look at this naughty preview of MW3 (obviously parody) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ffjv9IIxE7I .

What am I doing over the holidays?  I will be here as usual, on the computer being the lifeless geek I am; not a glimpse of an Asian girl face to face, but perhaps some fantasizing is in order (oh yes very good).  It's rather unfortunate that I do this to myself, but as I have to say, I'm a gamer, I have hundreds of lives (not this guy though!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xt2uyDqbA-Q&feature=player_embedded

Apart from that, I will probably see what I can do during the holidays, perhaps catch a game or few with some friends of Supreme Commander or coop in MW2, post on some forums (AI War/ComplexityGaming/Mine), and see what's next up.  Maybe I'll give Left 4 Dead 2 a try, soon.

For the month January, I will be waiting for Mass Effect 2--I really want to try this game out, but unfortunately my mom insists that she "ground" me until my exams are done; of course, not without good reason but I am more or less one great, for great means good and good means procrastination and that starts with pro.  Yes, very good.

Oh, mind I say that I haven't been a good Counter-Striker at the moment--I haven't even touched that game for a good few months now!  Rather sad, but of course, with my crappy mouse (yes, I haven't have a replacement yet) I am rather discouraged about playing it.  It's an odd type of "honour" I have for the game, whether it be for 1.6 or Source--or rather humility of playing it when I'm absolutely horrible--but wait, when am I not?  (;

Onto life now, apparently Canada is recovering, but we're worried at the moment of the increasing debt we're incurring:  especially over the holidays.  When the interest rates are restored from an all time low, it's assumed that many people will be unable to pay back that money, and we're back into the trenches.  I know I won't be doing anything like that, simply because I still don't have any income whatsoever!  Is that not great?  I hope we don't incur too much debt--but that would be dependent upon inflation/interest rates.

Oh, and yes, Canada being pounded at the global warming conference/meeting at Copenhagen for its dirty oil; the excuse is that Canada's economy will be offset in consequence of inhibiting the oil sands in Alberta because it is amongst the largest peaceful fossil fuel productions in the world.  Poor Mr. Harper (...maybe Premier Stelmach that has dug a huge hole for the Tories).

It's too bad the negotiations didn't end in a concise and proper way--they claim it will be years, effectively a couple meetings before they will reach a conclusion; at least Obama tried to salvage the scuttle this year.

A shoutout to the www.complexitygaming.com community, www.arcengames.com community, and to my quiet forums that's not worthy to be mentioned (just kidding)! 

If it's not to be that I create another blog for a celebration of Christmas and New Year, you know I would... if I happen to not remember, then...

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Happy holidays, everyone!  A safe and joyful set of days to Christmas (if you're not killed by traffic/etc. on the Christmas crunch to the mall).

I don't mind at all if people want to post stuff like this here in the off topic forums -- may want to provide a link to the original, if people want to see it on the other side and add comments there, though.

Oh, sure.  It's been quite a while since I've posted any blogs, so I usually would include all my blog-posting locations.  



EDIT:  Oh, and they are largely hardcore--generally we're speaking mostly Counter-Strike fanatics (site and teams are sponsored as you probably can see from the site).  Feel free to join yourselves!

Chris, you might even want to take a look around--maybe there's something you could work out with them.


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