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This IS a dinosaur game!

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Oh yeah, I know this is different from the survival game. 

My own preference would be to have the survival game first, but that's just me, as I tend to like that genre (when it's done right).

But everything you've explained about THIS game just sounds good/hilarious so far.  So I look forward to this one too.

1. Yes, this is a third game.  We have this dinosaur game, the 3D survival (not dinosaur) game, and SBR.

2. This game is much more short-term, will be smaller and more self-contained, and comparably inexpensive.  It should be really fun, and it will be a great way for us to make something fun while also building out a lot of systems that we will then turn around and have ready for the survival game. 

Aka, this helps to fun the survival game by building things that the survival game will use.  This will also build a number of things that the survival game will NOT use (aka, this is not a subset of the survival game), but what fun would it be if that were not true.  Even in those cases where we're building something that is only for ICOERR (wow that's a lot of letters -- how about just "Raptor" instead as a short-name for this), it still builds up skills and so on that apply to the survival game.

3. Yep that is intended as the title of the game, and I'm glad you like it. :)  We had a lot of us talking about it, and Keith popped out with that one.

4. I'd prefer to have the survival game first (in some respects) as well, but it is easily 40x larger in scope than this one.  Just what we need to do to get to the kickstarter level is about 4x larger than this whole game.  This game is more intimate and just focused on some fun mechanics that you can pop in and play and so on.

5. This game is also in 3D and whatnot, so there's no real similarity to Starward Rogue or Bionic Dues.  There are some robots in this game, but you play as a dinosaur.  The genetically-engineered sci-fi kind, not the jungles-and-ancient-earth kind.

I did not like the name.

It is too long to be catchy.

Emergency Raptor is a better name I think.

I like the name a lot. Its amusing.

There are a TON of games that are things like "Raptor Escape!!" and "Raptors Gone Wild!!" and "Raptor On The Loose!!!" and whatever else.  I really want to be careful to stay away from those. 

I like the humor of game names like Sir, You Are Being Hunted.  There's going to be a fair bit of mild humor in this as well, although done inside a larger atmosphere that is scary.  I really like how the humor in Aliens worked, or various bits in Terminator 2, or heck even in something like The Sixth Sense.  When you don't try to go to nuts with it "to be funny," I think it can add a lot.


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