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The Last "Two-Level Demo" For Release Raptor!

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I am gonna have to be nit picky (well better me, than your early access customers eh ;p)

In the first shot, where the green effect sits in the middle of the screen, you can see artifacts bleeding through the effect.
In the first shot, to the right in the bottom, where the blue/white texture is, you can see weird artifacting (isn't helped by the JPG compression though ,p) Looks very very noisy.
In the first shot, on the ceiling, the roof tiles look very very sharp and noisy, with 1 pixel artifacts that indicate a normal map that is peaking in some direction where it shouldn't (usually solved by reducing the "strength" of each normal map color channel) making the normal map less.. "strong" (not sure how else to call it, first and second color channel of that normal map need some reduction)

In the third screenshot, it looks as if there is no anisotropic filtering on the walls (really strange texture mipmap falloff) and there is also a weird "flake" of AO near the tail.

TL;DR, it needs Temporal AA + luma sharpening, SSAA or MSAA for the best possible final look. FXAA/SMAA could work as well, or DSR... I know seeing 100 fps is nice and well, but personally I'd rather be playing this at 40 and have it look pristine and without jaggies (so DSR 2x it would be, I guess..) ;P

Aside that, (I know, that's a weird transition) it looks really nice. It just needs some polish on certain effects.. or maybe lossless screenshots with some downsampling or something... I am pretty sure the game would look a dozen times better with DSR 2x, aka rendering internally at 2x the resolution of the output, downscaled with proper filter. Did you try whether this actually works for the game? You know some people are gonna be sticklers for graphics ;P

In this particular case it is actually doing temporal AA, so it looks really good in practice.  But it tends to really make the screenshots look a lot less sharp.


--- Quote from: x4000 on August 20, 2016, 03:45:06 PM ---In this particular case it is actually doing temporal AA, so it looks really good in practice.  But it tends to really make the screenshots look a lot less sharp.

--- End quote ---

Oh... you planning on testing some 2x or 3x downsampling with your game? ;p For promo screenshot purposes? Might be better to disable TAA for screenshots entirely and boot up downsampling with lanczos filter via GeDoSaTo or what have you nowadays... it would make your game look vastly spiffier in screenshots. Which I am sure it must look in motion with TAA, but we can't see that ;P

Btw, I never knew TAA would cause such artifacts, lessons learned I guess.

Temporal AA can cause extra artifacts with things that are moving in particular.  But some of it is the nature of the specific CTAA component we're using, I think -- it's still in beta.

But yes, making the screenshots automatically turn off a few things and switch to FXAA would probably be a good idea.  Doing supersampling would be cool, but I wonder if that would be considered misleading, you know?


--- Quote from: Pumpkin on April 30, 2016, 05:47:21 AM ---Now I'm sold on feathered raptors.
There will always be a place for saurian predators in my heart, but I'm sold.

--- End quote ---
Seeing that feathered raptors "in their natural habitat", I can only quote myself. I'm definitely sold on the feathered raptor.
I bet I can find some funny raptor/apache pic...


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