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Not only is the steam store page for the game now live, but we also have our first actual trailer-style video!  Happy day. :)

Here's some fun/interesting facts about the trailer:

* The music is by our own Pablo Vega, with lead vocals by his wife Hunter Vega.  That's not the whole title track for the game, but it's about a third of it.  I'm so stoked to be able to share that with you, because they both knocked it out of the park.

* The main footage shown is still from the SciFi Industrial Level Kit demo level, by Ximo Catala.  I'm getting soooo close to having stuff I can show you with the procedural generation, but I'm not there yet.

* The darker lab-style stuff was from the demo scene from Lab interior pack by Silver, which I've shown a screenshot from before, but no video.  The lighting in that was a mess and mostly off, but it looked neat and so I figured why not.

* The robots shown being destroyed are Mechnarid, by Daniel Kole Productions.  Those are suuuuper stand-in alpha stuff.  I just slapped them in there in about an hour and rigged them up so I could demolish them in pieces.

* The temp-y robots illustrate an uber-simple form of "dismemberment" (with the top gone, but legs still walking), but it doesn't have true AI, and it doesn't look like the real robots will in the game.  Thematically I needed some sort of robot footage for the trailer, so I figured that was good enough to get the idea across.

* The story talking about "the corporations have fallen" is a reference to the corporations that run the world in Bionic Dues.  The incompetent machines that make for such fun puzzles and levels in BD are the precursor to the robots in this game, which are in no way incompetent.

* The story mentioning "our fleets have abandoned us" is actually referring to the abandonment of Earth that happens back during the civil war in the prologue to AI War: Fleet Command.

* Curious about how the story for our games fit together?  Bionic Dues is maybe a few decades before Raptor, and then Raptor is about 800ish years before AI War.  The Last Federation and Stars Beyond Reach both come later (in a different galaxy), and Starward Rogue is a few billion years after that.  The forums have a cool post on the Lore timeline of the Arcenverse.

* Anywho: the idea is that the humans have mostly abandoned the planet to the machines, and yet a few humans left behind are turning to genetically-engineered raptors to fight the robots that are after them.

I...what? This is an arcen trailer...

How to say this...

It works, it really does. It got me curious and looked...professional. I am walking on eggshells, so I will just say this is the most intriguing trailer you have done with how little you revealed.

In other words it is an excellent trailer!

Together with the name and gameplay, I was expecting a more humorous trailer, but this also works.

sick trailer I wasn't expecting as theatrical but it works by the way Chris you still need to change the title of this to game to ,in case of emergency release genetically breed killer raptor, me and Kregoth decided it was objectively superior to your current title for one its more descriptive to what your game is and for enougher thing it sounds better.
ps at least to me that is 0_0

Wow, the music is awesome, as always!  Pablo just keeps getting better and better.

Overall, the trailer itself was pretty good.  A little rough, but still gets the point across.


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