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Stealth! The 26th! Performance! Demo 7! Oh my.

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--- Quote from: Timerlane on July 20, 2016, 02:49:10 pm ---I guess it depends, plot/lorewise; are the robots 'free' to shoot anything that moves(except each other), or do they need to positively identify who/what their target is before engaging?

Maybe some leftover safety protocols in their systems from when they were still 'working' for human factions?

--- End quote ---

Not sure about X's game, but in mine: they do have to positively identify intruders before engaging.  Which means if a 'bot is particularly "dumb," you can just walk right in front of it (you're presumed to have some kind of disguise on/spoofed data/whatever you want to call the SEP field).  "Dumb" can be various things, too.  E.g. if you're running around invisible/camouflaged, then it can't see you against the background.  Or maybe you're spoofing your credentials ("Why yes, I work here") and it fails to identify the forgery.  And then different bots would have different stats that would be high, leading to different strategies for slipping past.

I don't see a problem with stealth on robots. "Sir you are being hunted" is a very popular stealth robot game.

Just a heads-up: It's been bumped to the 2829th.

There was also a blog post with some new development info, that only seems to be up on the Steam page.

Yep, sorry for the lack of updates over here. There are a ton of cool things to show you very soon, but we're polishing away and really trying to make things shine, as well as all working overtime. Tough balancing act!


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