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Some random gameplay videos


Okay, so, I did these mostly to show to a couple of friends that are interested in the game (particularly because OMG RAPTORS), and I figured I may as well link to them here too.   Watch me get shot by lasers if you want.

I did my best to show off the game's combat and everything as best I could, and show off the environment, and do some random Goat Simulator style smashing of objects (how could I not?) so maybe this might be useful for those that haven't actually played it, to see what it's like.  No commentary here.

I do get lost for a short time in one of the videos. 

Worth noting that ALOT more enemies are coming to the game, and that while right now they're only appearing in very random locations (with the exception of cicada bots in certain rooms) that's going to change later.  So when you see an enemy appear in a really awkward spot (and that happens a few times) that's not something that's likely to continue for very long.

The first two of these are longer, the last two are shorter as I was more experienced with the game at that point.


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