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So... What's up? [obligatory topic to extract information from Chris]

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Any news ;)?
What happened to your press build?

Hofstadter's Law. Busy. Soon.

Also the Ninty-Ninty Rule.

Yeah, it seems like it's probably coming soon.  Not sure.

I get the impression that I shouldn't give any details, but I will say that I think it's shaping up nicely so far.  It'll be interesting to see just where this all goes in the end.  And what the reception to it is.

I mean, it's Arcen's first 3D game, and something very different from everything else they've done.  Gonna surprise some people, I bet.  I look forward to what may be rather entertaining reactions to the idea of this one.

Here's hoping it goes well though.

Yeah gotta admit "3d 3rd person dinosaur hackn'slash" is not what I think when I think "Arcen" ;) Steamspy data on 3rd person indy games (very few good ones of those by the way) does not exactly convince me that this is a good financial idea....

What I wanted Arcen to do was a AI War 2 with some more abstracted higher concepts and a clean slick stylized 3d look, a proper meta-progression, maybe even with VR support. But hey.. at least Arcen starts with 3D somewhere.. that it is with one of the most difficult areas you can imagine is maybe not such a great thing though. 3rd person games require immense polish and that drives cost up.... while historically they have never been very popular. (Yeah yeah, exceptions like Mount and Blade..)

To be fair, so far I haven't really understood what the gameplay goals are so maybe it is far more fun than it sounds.


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