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Release Raptor Build For Testers Is Now Out!

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Just a brief note now, to let folks that we are (roughly) on schedule for once.  It took me about 8 hours longer than I expected, but it didn't push back into a further day, so that's good. ;)

For folks who are doing testing, there's a guide that I ask you read if you don't mind.

If you're curious about the release notes, those are here.

Father Brain and procedural generation (procedural assembly?) are now in place, and that's the big news.  Then lots of little annoying things were fixed up prior to putting in new testers, based on my own experiences and those of some of our other testers we already had.

And with that I'm going to close it out for the night.  I'm going to be focusing tomorrow on getting the marketing materials and getting any release-blocker issues taken care of, plus getting a few quality of life things in there.

Then on Wednesday if the building isn't on fire then I can focus on more content.  Blue will be focusing on more content tomorrow anyhow between fixing a few things anyway, so there will be new places to explore either way. :)

Enjoy a few more screenshots from a run of mine tonight. :)




It is rare (if ever) that I play a game so far in the early stages.

I will continue my unusual behavior in actually trying to present mantis reports rather the rambling in the forums.

But the tl;dr is this:

In my first glance the core assets are there, just needs refining.

##honest sidebar: As I get older mantis seems all the smarter. Hurray maturity?

Update: the madness continues. In one hour I posted what was three years worth of mantis reports. I am becoming a redshirt.

At what time can I except the game tomorrow?

@chemical_art: Thank you! :D

@TheVampire100: We're scheduled for 10am PST, and I don't see any reason to diverge from that at the moment.

That would be in 10 hours? Dman, I'm so confused about american time, I cannot say if it is now 12 am or 12 pm.


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